5 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Good Eating Habits

Every day, we're confronted with a seemingly endless amount of choices. However, making a decision and making a good decision are two very different things. And the simple decision of what to eat can lead to so much regret and agony.

When I found out recently that I was pregnant with my second child, my eating habits (and my thinking habits, too) changed. I faced food aversions, cravings, morning sickness and fatigue.

Even when I started to feel better, I realized that I'd been making decisions based out of convenience rather than my need for nourishment.

When we make decisions based on convenience, we overlook critical elements. We forget to not only nourish our body but our mind and spirit, too. We think that relaxing in front of the TV will do more for us than making it to the gym. We see no big deal in having French fries and a burger every day for lunch. (The burger had lettuce and a tomato, right?)

In moderation, we can do no harm. But when unproductive choices become habitual, well, then we have a case of bad habits.

As a health coach, I work with people to turn their bad habits good, overcome laziness and increase self-esteem. I give them support to learn new and easy techniques, and to be held accountable to their own goals as well.

Ready to get started? Here are five ways to trick yourself into good habits: 

1. Remember that your mind doesn't know everything. 

Don’t be convinced by yourself that you are not strong enough or good enough to live a happy and fulfilled life. It is human nature to be fearful of change and the unknown. That is your mind. But it is your heart that longs to soar and will do everything it can to inspire you in this direction.

2. Confess. 

Instead of commiserating with like-minded strugglers, confess to someone who holds themselves (and you) to a higher standard. You’ll be surprised the inner spark it ignites for you to strive for better.

3. Avoid hunger by having small snacks. 

If you get hungry, no amount of willpower to be able to keep you away from what is convenient. Instead of falling victim to the vending machine in your office, keep healthy snacks on hand (nuts and dried fruit are delicious, portable choices).

4. Focus on how you'll be happier and less stressed. 

Most people realize that will diet improvements and weight loss, they will gain energy. But did you know that you will also reduce stress and increase happiness, satisfaction, self-esteem and much more?

5. Keep your eye on the prize. 

Make a wish list of your dream life. How you will live. What you will do. Even how you will feel. Revisit this list often and strive every day to make it a Real List instead of a Wish List.

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