7 Ways to Eat Out and Still Lose Weight

Ever get to a restaurant, survey the menu and shudder with panic thinking, there’s nothing on here that isn’t going straight to my hips!

Everything on the menu looks like a big pile of fried, gooey goodness that will be three days worth of calories all in one meal.

But being a prisoner to your kitchen, eating every meal at home for fear of an expanding waistline isn’t fun either. After all, what’s the point of looking great if you can’t even enjoy a meal out and show it off

Fear not! Now, you can eat out and lose weight, too. Just follow these 7 simple secrets: 

1. Check the inventory. 

Scan the entire menu and see what you have to work with. Steer clear of anything with the words crispy, creamy, glazed, battered, and fried.

2. Clean is lean.

Look for clean proteins that are grilled, broiled or steamed. Ask for sauces on the side, since they often contain soy, sugargluten or dairy.

3. Order off the menu. 

If you notice one menu item comes with a side of broccoli and another comes with asparagus, ask the server to bring those two veggies as side dishes only. Pair with a clean protein and you’ve got yourself a healthy, waist-slimming feast!

4. Alternate your drinks with water. 

Cocktails can easily pack on pounds due to their high sugar content. Start with one, enjoy that, and then switch to sparkling water with a squeeze of lime. If you’re feeling fancy, ask the server to pour it into champagne flute.

5. Top it off with tea. 

Make a dessert a fabulous cup of tea. It’ll give you moments to relax and seal your meal without a dessert that’s just “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips.”

6. Eyes on your own plate. 

Don’t worry about what everyone else is ordering or what people will think of your ordering this way! They don’t have the same goals as you and you get to create your own dining experience.

7. Remember: this isn’t the Last Supper. 

Many people eat light during the day, saving up for their big dinner out. This is no way to lose weight! Stay balanced by eating a normal-sized breakfast and lunch if you’re eating dinner out. This will keep you from overeating and rolling out of the restaurant in a pant-busting food coma.


Use these tips, and you'll always keep your pants buttoned at the end of a meal. Cheers to eating out and losing weight! (Kinda like having your cake and eating it too!)

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