Are You Finding the Fun?

I have a few quirks as a yoga teacher. I have some rules. One of them, which you all know by now is: If you fall you must laugh.

Another one: You are not allowed to take yourself seriously.

And another one: when you are hopping up and attempting a handstand you must say "wheeee!" 

There are a few reasons behind that last one. One is this: try and say whee without smiling.

You can't.

In a land where most of us (read: me) take ourselves too seriously, and especially our yoga, a little smiling can go a long way. A little light-heartedness to go with the light footedness.

The whee brings back the joy, the silliness, and the idea that this is not as serious as I am probably making it out to be.

It also helps you lose any self-consciousness (much as my Karaoke Yoga does.)

So here is the question: Can you find the Whee in all you do?

Where is the whee?

Reminds me of that awful 80's commercial: Where's the beef?

Look for the whee in everything.

Even in what can be perceived as a stressful situation, there is a Whee lurking somewhere. Maybe it is just laughing at ourselves for a moment.

I love when I get messages from people who move away or can no longer take my class and they say things like: I miss the Whee!

Why shouldn't there be more Whee in life?

I am not suggesting you don't take your job seriously. I am suggesting you (read: me again) stop taking yourself so seriously!

Most of us are desperate for more joy, more connection, more Wheeeeeeeee!

What's your Whee of the day?

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

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