10 Ways Yoga Teachers Can Connect to Their Class

As yoga teachers, we sometimes get in the habit of assessing the class we just taught. Wow, that was a great class! or, Boy, that really stunk! 

Often what we’re referring to is the level of connection we felt while teaching. In classes where we feel like we’re connecting to the people, it creates a positive feedback loop and we, in turn, feel good. In classes with less connection, we leave feeling frustrated and depleted.

Here are 10 ways I feel connected when I teach. 

1. I feel connected when I suggest an action and see it happen.

2. I feel connected when I have the courage to speak from my heart.

3. I feel connected when I am in the moment and have no agenda other than being present.

4. I feel connected when I smile at the people in class.

5. I feel connected when I refrain from judging and instead think: “how can I help?”

6. I feel connected when I assist in class.

7. I feel connected when I face the class and refrain from any practice, other than to occasionally demonstrate something.

8. I feel connected when I move around the room versus staying at the front.

9. I feel connected when I talk to people before and after class.

10. I feel connected when I am being myself and no one else.

Connection can be an elusive state, but being able to achieve it is a way to generate feelings of goodwil and happiness in both you and the people who attend your classes. It is one of the best ways to develop your own style and distinguish yourself because in connecting to others, you are sharing your unique gifts.

It takes courage and practice, but the more you can push yourself to do it, the more classes you’ll leave classes feeling energized, positive and loving what you do.

Do you have any to add? Can you relate to any of these?

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