10 Ways to Manifest Joy and Abundance

As a mother of four with a career and many responsibilities, I never thought that being a success was out of my reach, though I did believe that it would come at a very big price. And I did not think I could have it all. Something had to give! I'd been conditioned to believe that success could only come after much hard work and struggle and that the people who'd “made it” in life were not necessarily happy.

Then I was introduced to the work of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction. I came to realize that I had been conditioned for a life of struggle!

Now I know that life is not meant to be like that. Life is meant to be joyful and the Universe is abundant. We can have it all! It's a matter of being on the same wavelength as joy and abundance.

But how do I tap into this energy, you ask? 

Here are my top 10 favorite ways to tap into joy and abundance:

1. Embrace your emotions! When you don’t feel good, your emotions are letting you know that you are not aligned with joy and abundance. So stop the train of thoughts that brought you to this point and accept yourself and everything around you exactly as they are at this moment.

2. Take a 10-minute nature break! Go for a walk in the woods. Pet a dog. Garden. Bask in the sunshine. Pick some flowers, put them in a vase and admire them.

3. Breathe deeply for a minute. Then breathe deeply for several minutes! While you do this, focus on what you want in your life, why you want it, and how you want to feel. The Universe can't tell the difference between when we feel good about something that is really happening or when we feel good about something we are imagining might happen. But it will deliver according to this good feeling, this high vibration!

4. Move your body! Walk, run, do yoga, play, swim, stretch. Park your car at the furthest spot from the store. Ride a bike. Play some music on and dance with your kids. Play some music on and dance by yourself.

5. Drink water! Drink it hot, drink it cold, drink it with lemon, drink it first thing in the morning, drink it last thing at night ... just drink it!

6. Build your appreciation muscle. What you focus on magnifies, so train yourself to focus on the good things in life. Start by expressing gratitude for everything that is easy to appreciate. Then focus on the positive aspects of those things that are not so easy to love, like the job you don’t enjoy. Focus on the aspects of your work that you do like. You will begin to notice that more of what you do enjoy will appear.

7. Stay in the present moment! It's where the power is. The guilt, regret, sadness and disappointment are in the past and most of your fears are in the future. Those are not the vibrations that will magnetize the joy and abundance in your life. The present moment is where the magic is. Know that all is well!

8. When you start to complain, stop and tell a different story! Talk about the good quality of your lazy, good-for-nothing spouse. If you can’t find anything nice to say about him or her, talk about someone else! If you cannot think of anyone to talk about in a positive manner, talk about your dog or your cat or the weather if it is pleasing to you. Praise is the vibration that manifests joy and abundance! Condemnation keeps it away. Try this one for one day. You will notice how often we condemn, even ourselves.

9. Take baby steps! Take some small action each day towards changing your energy, changing your conditioning. If you are facing the right direction, baby steps will still get you to your destination!

10. Embrace your emotions! I know I said that already, but it's worth repeating. Your emotions influence your thoughts, which influence your present, which influence your life!

And remember, all is well.

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