10 Ways LOST Makes You A Better Person

*SPOILERS AHEAD* as we revel in the glory of how LOST — "Everybody Loves Hugo" episode entertained and inspired us last night.

1. "Hugo and giving became synonymous." The opening of the episode gave us a montage of Hurley doing good things for his community and the world. In the alternate reality where everyone gets what they want, Hurley has good luck and does good things. And he gets a dinosaur trophy.

2. Love transcends realities. The romance between Libby and Hurley, which was cut short by her untimely murder by Michael, is undeniable, even in a parallel universe. Aw. Nothing can keep Hurley from Libby. He pays $100k just for a date.

3. You die when the island is done with you... but look what dying seems to mean. The island appears to be done with Ilana, whose bag of dynamite explodes, obliterating her completely (and awesomely). However, it seems to us that people who die on the island show up in the alternate reality anyway, for the most part. Their consciousness is transferred to a perfect world; a heaven — even if that heaven does appear to be something like a dream, like a fake, as the islanders one by one remember their island experiences. Interestingly, people like Michael's souls stay on the island because of their crimes. This is a really interesting worldview.

4. Big reveal: The whispers on the island are trapped souls. Souls like Michael are the source of those whispers we've been hearing since Season 1. Again, the worldview is cool. Maybe it's not just our minds playing tricks on us when we hear whispers in the night. Not that I think LOST is real ... shut up.

5. Desmond is on a mission. Remember at the end of last week when Desmond asked for the Oceanic manifest? Looks like we know why, now. He intervenes in Hurley's life to get him to give Libby a chance. It works; when they kiss it jogs his memories. Is he going to do this to everyone, or was Hurley just a test? Because the next person he goes for is...

6. Desmond hits John Locke with a car. After a brief campus conversation with Benjamin Linus, Desmond bulldozes John Locke right in his wheelchair. While I don't reckon that this is the way one should deliver a wake-up call in most situations, I bet the shock will jog John's memory. In fact, Locke may even be able to walk again. But the real question is...

7. What is Desmond's plan? While I admire his resolve to make everyone remember, he must have a plan. Something about the calm he expresses on the island makes me wonder if he's aware of both realities since his traumatic radioactive experience last week. Maybe he's living in both places and happy to take a passive role as prisoner on the island, while his alter-ego in LA is on a mission. The question is, what's his plan? Is he going to wake everyone from the "perfect future" dream? Or is he going to bring them back to the island, where they'll be face to face with themselves. This has interesting implications, especially for John Locke who no longer inhabits his body on the island.

8. Hurley can't lie. Like our fabled George Washington, dear Hurley cannot tell a lie. To get Jack, Sun and Lapidus to go with him to talk to Locke on the island, he lies and says that Jacob told him they had to. Naturally, he confesses to Jack almost immediately. The best part? Jack knew the whole time. And even though, as we see from the next island scene, he's hella-scared of Locke, he's willing to support his friend Hurley and face his fear.

9. Wait a minute, was that hit-and-run vicious? Holy hell, Locke pushed Desmond down a well! This may be a power play against Widmore or it may be that Locke sees that Desmond knows what's up. Either way, though we're accustomed to switching realities back and forth, could it be that the car-to-wheelchair-collision in the next part is related? Does Desmond exist in both places? That's an inspiring thought. What if we could all live in our real worlds and our dream worlds at the same time? ... Maybe we already do.

10. Or maybe the island is the dream. Perhaps in the real world, everything is as it should be. If one reality is realer than the other, it could be either. Imagine if someone like Desmond came into your life tomorrow and somehow got you to see your "island past." It would be like remembering an alien abduction. Desmond's on a mission with dangerous consequences, but we can't wait to learn what the truth is.

Story by Annie Scott. Originally published by Tonic.

image via ABC/Mario Perez

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