5 Seasonal Lessons from Nature

Fall is the season of change. I am reminded of this daily as I watch the wildlife and plants begin to slowly take new forms and color in preparation for the resting season ahead. Late blooming flowers send out one last burst of brightness and animals eat heartily and begin to store up fat for the winter months.

Things will slow down more as trees drop their leaves and plants die back while their root systems dig deeper into the earth. Fall has always been a time of change for me personally. Whether it's job changes or moving, I always start to feel the shift of things in my life this time of year. When we follow the rhythms of nature, our efforts are in alignment with the flow of the earth and things seem to go easier.

Here are some things we can borrow from nature and use in our own life during this season:

1. Begin to incorporate root vegetables into your diet: Sweet potatoes, beets, carrots all create grounding energy and allow us to still the swirling, productive energy of summer. Just as the plants' root system continues to grow during the dormant months, we can also work on staying grounded and focusing on what keeps us growing underneath it all.

2. Purge unnecessary items: It's a good time of year to ask the following: What can we let go of in order to rest easy and be at peace for the upcoming winter? What things, relationships or beliefs have we accumulated over time that we are now ready to release? Notice how gently the trees release the leaves and know that we too can let go of things in a graceful way without drama or pain.

3. Clean up the leaves: If we let dead leaves sit too long they will begin to rot and stink. The same is true with other things in our lives. Get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose in your life and clean up the ground for new growth. Dust, clean out closets and get rid of the clutter that is blocking new energy from arriving.

4. Invest in and accumulate that which you need for warmth and support: Whether it's more solitude, books, a slow-cooker, wool socks, or repairing a relationship. What do you need to stock up on to nourish yourself during the winter months? What will allow you to rest comfortably as the outside world slows down?

5. Plant bulbs for next spring: When we plant dormant bulbs, we are displaying a huge act of Faith in the Universe. We are trusting that by next spring, we will be rewarded with beautiful, colorful flowers. Do the same in your life: Set goals, create a plan and take tiny steps each day towards that end goal. Have faith that beautiful things can bloom from small thoughts set with intention.

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