Prioritize Playtime

So what is play? Play is fun; it involves laughter and spontaneity. It is the element of letting loose, yet being in control. Having fun is living for the now.

As we grow older, we get more responsibilities and stresses. Our worries take over and we jump off the fun bus to a life of rigid schedules and deadlines. When westop having fun in your life, we start creating stress, which then leads to health consequences, such as high blood pressure, heart disease and maybe even dependence on stimulants. Overbooked schedules and over-scheduled lives adds extra pressure to find the time for play. This simple act of having fun should never be forgotten. Your body and soul will thank you by providing you with optimum health and wellbeing. Here are some simple ways to ignite fun and play in your life.

1. Schedule fun time in your diary. As time goes on, having fun will become a natural habit in everyday life. An example of what your schedule may look like:

Monday–On your commute to work as you get off the train, stop and listen to the music of a street performer. Let the music fill your soul, every word and note that they sing. Appreciate their art; see the beauty in this moment.

Tuesday–Take a dance class. Try a class that you have always wanted to, but never dared. Drop all limiting beliefs and just let loose and go for it.

Wednesday–Spend thirty minutes drawing. Grab a piece of paper and pen and just draw. Don’t think about it, don’t judge your drawing, just draw what you feel. Drawing is very therapeutic and will calm your soul.

Thursday–Try to finish a crossword puzzle. This will spark your knowledge and exercise your brain, leaving you feeling a little more energized.

Friday–Watch a kid’s movie. There is no better way to end a busy week than to relax with a DVD. Get lost in the fantasy of a kid's movie for a couple of hours; it will ignite a little magic within your own heart.

Saturday–Swing on a swing. Go to your local park and just rock gently back and forth. Notice how free you feel.

Sunday-Go for a bike ride. Spend some time in nature and ride along a beautiful park or nature reserve. As you pedal, take note of everything around you–the smell in the air, the noise, the people, the landscape and the beating of your own heart.

2. Play with the heart of a seven year old. Take the time to play. Drop all preconceived ideas. Reconnecting with things that bought you fun and excitement as a child will fill you with inspiration, energy and confidence.

Never wish to be all grown up because being grown up and all wise aren't half as fun as growing up and making mistakes. Keep the heart of a seven year old, but embrace the wisdom you learn along the way. Take 30 minutes to think back when you were seven and write your own poem about being seven again.

Some simple things to bring back play in your life could be:

-Playing board games, like Monopoly or Snakes and Ladders with friends and family.

-Walking with bare feet through rain puddles.

-Blowing a dandelions flower and making a wish.

-Letting loose and acting like a child every now and then.

-Drawing on a steamy bathroom mirror with your fingers after taking a hot shower.

-Trying to talk under water.

-Wearing a vibrant shade of lipstick or shoes just because you like it.

-Wwinging on a swing as high as you possibly can.

-High fiving a little kid.

-Making animal shapes with clouds.

-Blowing a huge bubble-gum bubble without popping it.

-Playing Rock-Paper-Scissors to settle a decision with one of your friends.

-Leaning almost too far back in your chair and your heart skips a beat as you glide forward into a stable sitting position.

-Peeling layers of dried school glue off your hands.

-Reminiscing over old family photos.

-Flying a kite.

-Having a free day and being completely free to do whatever you want.

-Saying something that rhymes.

-Popping bubble wrap.

-Making up a word and using in your sentences for a day.

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