4 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

Written by Jia Ni Teo

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt

I am a dreamer. I am also a true believer that when we share our dreams or DECLARE them as our truth, we start a whole cascade of events. The Universe shifts for you, starts to conspire you, and you essentially super-charge your dreams and start moving at them at a REALLY high speed.

We are mass consciousness. And when more than one person starts to believe in your dream, you set it in motion. When 10 people believe and think about your dream for you, then it's more vibration and focus. Whatever you focus on grows and expands. So if you a million other people are focusing on it, then you can be certain that the outcome will be inevitable.

But there's a catch.

Your dream is a seed. It's a seed of intention.

It needs to be nurtured with positive vibrations and love and good in order to grow. If it is placed under harsh conditions, this seed cannot thrive, and it cannot flourish and manifest into physical reality.

This is why we need to be extremely careful about sharing our dreams and ensuring that we are growing it in an environment where it will THRIVE. We share it when the time is right. And here's where understanding the 4 Processes of Dream Manifestation comes to use.

1. Emergence of Thought

Since this is a vibrational universe, everything starts with a vibration-a thought is a lighter form compared to say, a physical object. Thus, when we first have the idea of the dream, it is extremely light, vulnerable and its form can be easily manipulated. It's best not to share your visions at this stage, unless you are 100% certain of the outcome and have complete and unshakable faith in it.

This is because when you share it with others, what you feel within will be mirrored back to you. Your doubt/insecurity/fear may be reflected back to you by another person. And when this happens, you may start to lose your grip and let it slip by.

Instead, meditate on your thought. If it is truly bestowed upon you by your higher Self/God/Universe, then the feeling of the dream will repeat. And that feeling is one of joy, happiness and love. If it starts to slip away and you forget about it after time, then it's possible that it was just from your ego or relatively unimportant.

2. Nurturing with Focus & Attention

So after time and focus, your dream will now be in a stronger form. It is important to note that the amount of time is not a constant (x days/x months), for time does not exist in the plane of dreams. Instead, think about how much focus and attention you've placed on your thought. You know it's in a stronger form when the thought/your dream starts to appear in your mind when you let it wander or maybe you start to dream about it.

Or perhaps you just feel more comfortable about talking about it.

3. Consultation with Self

At this point in time, turn your attention within and consult yourself. Are you comfortable sharing it as your truth?

If there's doubt, can you leap out of your comfort zone with faith? Can you take a step forward? And is your inner being is shouting "YES!"?

You know it's time to share it when you KNOW that your dream is going to happen. There is faith, trust, KNOWING.

4. Sharing with Creators

Share your dreams with those who can help you fuel it. Find your tribe, find people to support you, find a coach or a mentor. It is important, and even crucial that you surround yourself with people who uplift you and inspire you. As this stage feels more certain and becomes your truth, manifestation will be inevitable. Ideal people start to emerge, opportunities appear, and the Universe orchestrates everything for you.

In summary: Dream a big, bold, beautiful dream. Nurture it, and then share it with the world. The world needs your dream.

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." -Walt Disney

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