The 10 Keys to Ruling Your World

Being the most powerful and effective person you can be in your day-to-day life is the result of being in the most balanced state of mind possible at all times. Therefore, your state of mind is truly the essence of your life. Learning to manage your state of mind from a more peaceful, grounded and clear perspective is the pathway to balance and harmony. Below are ten keys thoughts and ideas to help put you in this confident and liberating place of awareness.

1. Take a moment each day for perspective and gratitude

Perspective is a key to life. Taking a moment of remembrance each day for all you do have in your life can immediately put you in a powerful and balanced mindset of confidence and abundance rather than fear and lack. Make this a daily practice.

2. Accept the perfection of your past

Non-acceptance is what keeps you stuck in time. When you are stuck in time, you are not creative or powerful. The truth is that every moment of your life has had meaning and purpose for you on your journey. The self-evident truth is you have always done the best you could have in any of your past moments. Liberating yourself from the past by accepting it allows you to be in the powerful and creative present moment.

3. Pay Attention to what is always right in front of you

Your universe is always serving you! When you open to this truth, you start to really look at what you have presented yourself and how it relates to the exact, deep and sincere questions you have asked about life. Presence of mind is what reveals all you truly desire to know about your life. Can you see that you have brought yourself right here, right now into these words!

4. Stop resisting “what is”

You cannot change what already “is,” but you can finally accept “what is” and effectively work from this truth to create new conditions and a new experience for tomorrow. Your resistance is part of the force that is keeping what you don’t want to experience a part of your current reality.

5. Become aware of negative energy in your life

The news, your friends, your family or strangers will, at one time or another, attempt to present you with negativity. Do not be fooled into becoming affected by this energy. Drama can bring you down and suppress your powerful creativity. Always choose love. Have the strength to stay positive and loving no matter who or what attempts to change you or convince you otherwise. Love and positivity are the most effective and magical ways of creating a fulfilling life.

6. Take the time to discover and use the great creative power within

You create YOU in each moment of your deepest thoughts. Realizing this can put you on a path of conscious, meaningful creation rather than getting stuck in subconscious, uncreative actions and reactions. The power in you – “I am” – is what drives every aspect of your life. Self-awareness is key to this discovery and understanding (see more here).

7. Choose understanding over judgment, compassion over contempt

Give others the space of understanding that comes from the truth that until you have walked in another’s shoes you cannot truly know why. Judgment divides and builds walls. Understanding unites and builds bridges. Everyone is doing the best they can in every moment. Compassion stems from a place where you realize that no one can do anything to you. What they are presenting you with is always a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate who you are by way of your interpretation, reaction and response to their behavior and words.

8. Open your mind to see more possibility for you

When you hold a limit in your mind, it is a limit on your creative reality. Make sure you always are open to what can happen for you rather than what can’t happen. The truth is that, in any moment, anything is possible for you!

9. Trust life

How can you not trust a universe that has birthed you into existence? Your existence is the evidence that you matter. You matter so much that life will continue to be here to support you just like it always has been and just like it is right now with these words.

10. Love who you are

Above all, every day, work on becoming more loving, accepting and respectful of who you are. When you become more loving and respectful of yourself, you will demonstrate this love and respect in your every thought and action. This, more than anything else, is what leads you to everything you create for yourself in every moment of your life.

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