24 Simple Swaps You Can Make to Live Healthier

mbg Class Instructor & Nutritionist By Jessica Sepel
mbg Class Instructor & Nutritionist
Jessica Sepel is a nutritionist and health expert who specializes in disordered eating.

We are bombarded daily with information on how to live a healthy life - it can end up being rather overwhelming, confusing and almost demotivating. There are so many opinions when it comes to health - who do we listen to?

Being a health student, I have to be careful what information I am going to take on and what I think is best to leave behind.

As health professionals we need to be experts at giving our clients the tools to enhance their daily health choices without making them feel overwhelmed and then fearful of their health journey.

So from my experience it’s best to take small, simple and realistic steps.

The trick is to begin with these steps, swapping this for that; you will eventually be amazed to see how the body will thank you for these simple alterations. It will begin to heal itself.

With that in mind I made these simple changes, and so can you! Read on and learn to swap this for that!


1. White sugar – for – Raw sugar or brown sugar.

2. Artificial sweetener – for – Stevia or xylitol.

3. Table salt – for – Himalayan salt or Celtic sea salt.

4. Honey – for – Maple syrup or raw organic honey (in small amounts).

5. Milk Chocolate – for – 70% dark choc or raw cacao. The Wellness Warrior has a fabulous recipe to make your own chocolate.

6. Vegetable oil or sunflower oil – for – Coconut oil, flaxseed oil, avocado oil, or olive oil .

7. Margarine – for – Organic butter. There’s even a great way to store you butter now available in Australia. It’s called a Butter Bell, and allows you to have fresh spreadable butter that’s soft.

8. Soda – for – Water with fresh lemon or lime.

9. Caffeinated coffee or tea – for – Herbal tea (I love chamomile, licorice root and chai).

10. Couscous – for – Quinoa.

11. Processed yogurt – for – Natural Greek yogurt.

12. Processed bread – for – Lettuce cups, or gluten-free bread.

13. White rice – for – Brown rice.

14. Balsamic vinegar – for – Apple cider vinegar.

15. Mash potato – for – Cauliflower mash.

16. Wheat pasta – for – Zucchini pasta or gluten-free pasta.

17. Potato Chips – for – Kale chips or natural popcorn.

18. Cows milk and soy milk – for – Almond milk or rice milk.

19. Factory farmed eggs – for – Free range organic eggs.

20. Factory farmed meat – for – Grass fed organic meat.

21. Plastic water bottles – for Aluminum water bottle that is BPA free, non-toxic and makes water taste really fresh.

22. Standard supermarket deodorant – for – Organic natural deodorant that is aluminium free! (ask your pharmacist or health store).

23. Lip balm – for – Natural lip balm, like Hurraw Lip Balm. This new lip balm is available in a variety of yummy flavors, all of which are organic, certified vegan and 100% natural.

24. Plastic bags – for – Market bags. Say goodbye to using far too many plastic bags and start using stylish hard wearing market bags that will be strong enough to carry all your shopping.

Jessica Sepel
Jessica Sepel
Jessica Sepel is a nutritionist and health expert who specializes in disordered eating. She is based...
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Jessica Sepel
Jessica Sepel
Jessica Sepel is a nutritionist and health expert who specializes in...
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