5 Things We Can Learn from Nature

Written by Laura Prevost

Have you ever noticed how plants can teach us all about the intricacies of life, if only we take the time to observe and listen? I mean, look at how they recover from natural disasters! They don’t give up. They may grow and change, but they never give up. Look at how each plant plays a part in the loving whole. It’s like each of us. We all play a loving part in the whole of the Universe. So, let’s embrace and LOVE our unique selves.

1. Put Down Roots

It can be long term or short term, but putting down roots and grounding yourself is important for your growth. When you’re grounded, it gives you a certain sense of freedom to grow in a way that’s most beneficial to you in that particular space while sharing your love.

2. Be Flexible

Yup, you read the above. You read about putting down roots. BUT, a huge part of nature is learning how to be uprooted and blossom wherever you are. You can put down roots once, or you can put them down multiple times. Being flexible is also about learning how to be in the now with the “weather” as it comes and learning how to embrace change. Do you notice how plants just keep on changing with the seasons and the times? They are incredible!

3. Get Lots of Sunshine

Every day the plants get sunshine. Even when it’s muted through the clouds, smog or fog. Not only is sunshine uplifting and inspiring for your soul but for your body, too (oh yeah, bring on the Vitamin D). Get outside and experience all the joys of beautiful sunshine.

4. Keep Growing

No matter what challenges occur or whatever happens, plants keep on growing. Sometimes they may not grow as fast due to lack of nourishment in some form, BUT they keep on growing. They bide their time and keep doing everything they can until the time when the nourishment fills them up to fully blossom into their best plant selves. Just like humans. You and me. Keep on growing through the times when you feel challenged, and before you know it, you’ll be blooming into your happiest and healthiest self!

5. Be Beautiful as YOU

You know all those different plants out there? You know – the ones that are regarded as weeds in some areas and as gorgeousness in other areas? Everything in nature is beautiful. Every plant serves a purpose just as it is. YOU are beautiful just by being you, too!

What are you waiting for? Get out there and BE like plants! Yeehaw!

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