3 Ways Yoga Changed My Attitude

In honor of National Yoga Month, I’ve done some reflection on my life before and after incorporating yoga into my daily routine. What I have ultimately concluded is that I am much more awesome after bringing yoga into my life. Not only does yoga help me physically, but it also is a philosophy I try to incorporate into all aspects of my life. I want everyone who reads this post to know that it can be easy for you, too.

1. By doing yoga, I learned patience. I learned to be patient with myself, both physically and mentally. After dancing from ages 2-18, I thought yoga would be super easy for me (even after a 6 year break and a weight gain of 35 pounds). I could not have been more wrong. Sure, I understood the mechanics of the body and the poses, but actually doing them was a challenge I was not expecting. I had to be patient with my body as muscles woke up from dormancy. I had to be patient with my mind, so I didn’t give up on myself in frustration. Now, I am much more patient with the people and situations which frustrate me.

2. By doing yoga, I learned positivity. I have always been a happy person, at least in my mind. After several days of doing yoga poses consistently, I was not just a happier person, but a more positive person. I realized I had always been happy, but more often than not, I wasn’t positive. To me, positivity and happiness work hand-in-hand, but are not the same thing. When I was simply “happy,” I was casual. After realizing the difference between happiness and positivity, I am more alive. I am able to bring happiness and positivity into a room, or brighten someone’s day, just by being myself. This little change in my attitude has made a huge difference in my business and personal life, and it’s all because of yoga.

3. By doing yoga, I learned cheerleading. Wait, what? Yes, I learned cheerleading because of yoga. I didn’t learn the hand-clapping, tumbling-in-unison cheerleading, but I learned how to be a motivator to people. This works together with the positivity I learned. Without being a genuinely positive person, it’s harder to be positive and happy for others. By finding the cheerleader in me, I can cheer myself on. Whether I finally hold a pose, sign a business contract or have a day of epic failures, I am able to cheer myself on for the next day. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, because of my “inner-cheerleader,” I am always able to be someone else’s cheerleader in both successes and failures.

It’s sometimes hard to believe what small changes have had such large effects on daily life. How has yoga helped your attitude?

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