4 Ways to Actually Show Up Off the Mat!

How do we take what we do on the mat, and instead of throwing it away after class, turbo-charge it by showing up off the mat; authentically communicating, loving and healing? For us to show up with authenticity on the mat, as well as off, it’s great to check in with what we ACTIVELY do to achieve this on a daily basis. Here are just a few ways I show up for life, off the yoga mat and meditation cushion:

1. Morning Rituals/Fundamentals

Strengthen your will-power muscle every day by committing to waking up at a designated time, and creating! Shoot for before sunrise. It’s a fun game to beat the sun up! Whether through yoga, meditation, painting, journaling, reading your personal creed, going for a run, or whatever else will get you jacked up to be ALIVE that day. Just do something that will send juice to all your cells, and allow you to live with vibrancy all day! But, then the best part is RE-committing every day! Shoot for three weeks. (I wanna hear about your successes!)

2. Engage Objects to Engage Others

Try one-pointed concentration. Start by picking something small that you can keep your eyes on. When you begin, you’ll start to feel your eyes wanting to dart all over the place, but hold firm to your intention of engaging with the object. Begin to breathe in and out softly, sending breath to the object and feeling the breath returned from the object. Close your eyes every so often, and just focus on the breath flowing in and out of your nostrils. By doing this practice even five minutes a day, you’ll begin to notice that you literally see people and engage with them in an entirely new way; finding clarity in their expressions and intentions. Conversations then become a fun way to really engage a person with authentic, one-pointed engagement.

3. Stepping Forward

Get up. Walk around the room for ten seconds. Check in with how you step around the room. Are you landing on your heels and holding back, or really stepping into the ball of your foot… FORWARD? When I read my creed, I say, “This morning, I will show up, stepping forward in growth.” Are you walking around the world, stepping forward into your greatness?

4. Senses Check-in

Set alarms on your phone, possibly every hour, to do a check in of your inner landscape. Checking in with all your senses helps as a practice of being mindful, and keeping your senses sharp!

Now, on to you. What do you do to actively show up authentically in relationships and commitments off the mat? By sharing your unique, brilliant ideas, you could spark others to begin to show up in a way that is authentic to them!

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