5 Ways to Get What You Want Out of Life

Written by Lisa Horvath

Okay, okay, I didn’t exactly predict my future. I know that life often just happens but I truly believe that we have some power in how it unfolds. These are a few tips I’ve used to help shape and mold my life so it more closely resembles what I want it to look like.

1. Write it out: For years, I’ve been in the habit of writing out my goals. They tend to be very specific. For example: I want a new job, so I say so. I am very clear about the kind of job I want, it’s attributes, my commute, how the culture will be. Once I’m happy with what I’ve written, I fold it up and stick it in my wallet. It goes everywhere I do. Sometimes it stays there for a month, a year, longer, but eventually, sometimes without me even realizing it, these ‘wallet wishes’ come to fruition.

2. Be vocal about your goals: Just like when writing a paper, have a thesis. Make sure it’s clear and concise and then speak it. Maybe not to everyone but find people you trust and talk it out. Do you want to own a home, improve your health, find a better relationship? Be clear on what it is you want and then speak it as if it were already true.

3. Create a vision board: Not everyone finds their voice in words, so use pictures. Cut out images that speak to you and create a collage of what you’d like your life to look like. Manifest your future through images and then keep it somewhere you can actually see it.

4. Use your yoga intentions wisely: Many of the classes I teach and attend start with an intention for the practice. I don’t use these intentions for things such as wishing to get into handstand (although, of course, you can). Instead, I think about an attribute I want my practice to embody: softness, stability, fearlessness and then I let that feeling wash over my whole class. After savasana, I take that focus out with me to my life off the mat.

5. Write yourself a birthday card: I’ve been writing happy birthday cards to myself for years. They are always from the current year, to the future year. Dear 32, from 31. I go into detail about what I’d like to accomplish, the problems and fears plaguing me, my hopes of the current moment. Having the thoughts on paper helps me organize how I’d like to go into the year ahead.

What all of the above have in common is to know what it is you’re asking for, and why. Otherwise, you’re just roaming a foreign city without a map. Once you’re clear on your ask, put your intentions out into the universe, whether it’s privately or publicly. With this added focus and energy, it makes you more accountable to your goals, which, in turn, gives you power to shape your future so life doesn’t just happen to you, but for you.

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