How to Find the Best Time to Detox

Detox is all the craze at the moment; short ones, long ones, fasting, food based, all shapes and sizes to suit any wallet. And with good reason - our bodies cleanse on an ongoing basis, processing the toxins created by natural bodily functions such as breathing, digestion, our emotions and also external toxins brought into our bodies through what we eat, drink, breathe in, and put on our skin.

Short, defined periods of concentrated cleansing or detoxing (the terms are interchangeable) have been used throughout history often in conjunction with spiritual or religious ceremonies as it has been long thought that a clean body allows for a clean mind to reach a higher awareness.

Our ancestors were onto something. They were also one step ahead of modern day detoxers as they followed this simple rule, one of the best-kept secrets of a successful detox.

They cleansed in accordance with the moon.

It may sound airy-fairy but for the skeptics among you, this is a very simple idea to experiment with. I offer several 7 day detoxes throughout the year and have seen a very clear difference in the experience and results of the cleanses according to which period of the moon cycle they are carried out in. Needless to say, once I noticed the huge difference first hand, I now only schedule my group and individual client detox programs according to the lunar cycles.

So, when is the best time to detox?

1. On the day of new moon our body’s capacity to detox is at its highest.

2. During the waning moon is a close runner up.

Why is this?

The 14 day period of the waning moon offers a natural period of increased elimination from the body. It’s interesting to note that any symptoms experienced at this time are a sign of release whereas symptoms experienced during the full moon are a sign of congestion in the body.

We know that the moon’s cycles affect the earth’s waters giving us tides which follow specific patterns. Considering that our bodies are approximately 70% water, it makes sense that these cycles also affect us.

How to use this wisdom?

Whether you’re planning a fast, a facial, visit to the sauna or simply want to increase your intake of cleansing teas to give your body a boost, plan according to the lunar laws of nature and you’ll experience increased cleansing, fewer detox symptoms and longer lasting effects. On the actual day of the new moon would be a good time to reduce food intake and increase hydration.

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