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7 Ways to Start a Relationship with Yourself

Amanda Froelich
Written by Amanda Froelich

We live in a society that is constantly bombarding us with images, messages, subliminal ads, and merchandise to constantly pull us into the mindset of ‘you can be better’ and ‘you’re not good enough’. This makes it very difficult (unless you spend time away from mainstream media and those involved in it) to forge a solid and loving relationship with yourself.

What is a loving relationship with yourself? To truly accept and feel gratitude for where you are at in life and who you are as a person, as well as how you look and think, is having a respectful and loving relationship with yourself. Unfortunately, the percentage of people that dislike who they are has been rising; I believe that this just shows we have plenty of room for improvement. Even those who pretend to or truly are passionately in love with who they are can constantly improve their personal relationship.

Think about it: You are the ONLY person you are around all the time, and if you can’t accept and love yourself, how can others? That’s why I’ve created this list on how to start a loving relationship with you. You’re worth every second you spend that helps you live a happier, healthier, and stress-free life you’re passionate about.

1. Take yourself on a date. You like yourself, right? Even if you don’t - yet - this is a wonderful start! Then why not treat yourself to some ‘me’ time. If you have a favorite restaurant, bring a book, order a delicious meal, and really spend all your luxurious time basking in your pleasant company. Perhaps take yourself to a movie, stroll through the park and stare at the moon. Feel the oneness of who you are with the Earth and all around you.

2. Pick up a hobby you’ve always wanted to learn. Even if you only spend 1 to 2 hours a week doing it, go for it! By learning a new skill, you’re proven to increase your self-esteem by realizing your awesomeness. In time, you’ll realize you have even more to offer than you thought possible.

3. Go for a walk. Exercise is a proven mood-enhancer and health-booster - with a release of epinephrine, you’ll automatically feel more empowered to live life. Walking 3 times a week is a great start to take care of your body physically. In the long-term, you’ll look and continuously feel better, with popular benefits such as increased energy, lessened symptoms of sickness, and lowered levels of cancer, stroke, and heart disease risk. Spend the time getting to know you, without the iPod. This is a form of moving meditation and could do so much to help make peace with you.

4. Laugh… a lot! Rent a comedy, play with your kids, hang out with your funniest friends - whatever it is, make sure you get a couple of gut busters. Laughing speeds up your metabolism, increases ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain, and automatically lifts your mood. Continue cranking up your giggles and pretty soon people will start to be more attracted to you because laughter is contagious.

5. Introduce affirmations. Every morning, speak positive and uplifting words or phrases to yourself in the mirror, like “I accept myself unconditionally” and “I love you”. It sounds cheesy, but your body truly does hear every word you speak and think through chemicals triggered by emotions. Continue speaking these affirmations to yourself every day no matter how ridiculous you feel, and little by little you’ll start to believe it and realize the only acceptance you need is yours.

6. Spend time with like-minded individuals. We’re all unique – and usually when we feel ‘alone’ it’s because we’re not with the right people that support our growth and interests. Using a site like, find people who are local to you that share your common interests. By realizing you’re not alone and have important interests, you may just start to fall in love with yourself a little more.

7. Start a Gratitude list! Every day write down 5 things you’re grateful for. Usually we take things for granted to a point where we never miss it until it’s gone. Have a family? Be grateful! Have internet to view this? Be grateful! Most importantly, if you feel your life needs a few things to put on your gratitude list, make a vision board and imagine yourself grateful for those things as well. Possessions don’t make us happy, but realizing the abundance of blessings in your life right now can as well as help you love your life (and you!) that much more.

Happier individuals equal a happier world - and with people who care about taking care of themselves and others, we will in effect be taking care of the planet. Never forget you’re worth it and have a blast wooing yourself!

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