7 Ways to Celebrate Fall

mbg Contributor By Jennifer White
mbg Contributor
Jennifer S. White is a writer and yoga instructor and the author of "The Best Day of Your Life."

I love fall. The air turns crisp; the leaves begin to change colors and football’s on TV. There are so many wonderful things to do when the weather turns cold and the sky becomes an unparalleled shade of blue. So in honor of fall equinox, here are seven ways to celebrate the beginning of a fresh, new season.

1. Pick apples. An obvious suggestion, yes, but when was the last time you actually picked apples? It’s such a wonderful activity for families, individuals and couples—and you come away with wholesome food.

2. Eat squash. One of my absolute favorite things about fall is squash. If you want to try something super easy and delicious, then cut an acorn squash in half and scoop out the seeds. (Roast the seeds for an added treat.) Place the halves flesh-side down in a foil lined baking dish and bake at 350 or 375 for 30-45 minutes. Eat plain or, my favorite, put a little bit of butter and brown sugar inside.

3. Clean out your closet. There’s something cathartic about throwing out horded non-treasures and donating unused clothing. If you haven’t worn (or even fit into) those jeans for years, then get them out of your closet.

4. Enjoy the weather. Especially in places like Ohio, where I live, we spend a lot of time complaining about the seasons. It’s like Goldilocks. Summer’s too hot, winter’s too cold, yada yada yada. We should spend more time being happy in the current climate; realizing that it—like everything in life—is impermanent.

5. Bake. I love how the weather cools down and heating up the house with the oven becomes a good thing. Take advantage of it and try making something that celebrates fall or the upcoming holidays. My personal favorite thing to pop in the oven during this time of year is gingerbread.

6. Explore where you live. Most communities celebrate the turn of the season with family-geared activities. Things like apple butter festivals and walking tours abound. Go to your city’s website and check out the upcoming calendar. You might be surprised to find some fun, free ways to enjoy fall; and, coming from someone who’s moved around a little bit, it can also be a great way to learn about where you live.

7. Cuddle with the one you love. One of the most romantic aspects of cold weather is getting under a soft, fuzzy blanket with your favorite person. Look at the brisk weather as a way to get closer to the one you love.

There are so many reasons and ways to appreciate autumn. Rather than feeling down that summer is now a thing of the past, try acknowledging that every moment quickly becomes our history. So enjoy this moment—when cool breezes become the norm and jeans become our go-to apparel. You’ll find me snuggly in my favorite boots eating warm gingerbread—and maybe I’ll see you at the apple orchard.

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