Essentials for Personal Change

I recently asked a selection of international life coaches about the development and maintenance of personal goals, and what commonly gets in the way of us achieving them. The comments that came back were both enlightening and encouraging, and can help those who are struggling to developing goals of their own.

If you’re stuck in a state of confusion regarding personal goals, advice to assist with developing these included:

“Sit and sleep on what you think would make you feel truly happy and excited about life.”

“Finding your interests from your life. Uncovering your skills. Finding your desires.”

“Find your personal purpose. Doing this will motivate you to develop your own goals. Get a clear map of your personal values. Usually, people get lots of confusing values in their heads. Come up with a small enough category list of values you want to fulfill, so you can easily manage.”

However, as easy at that sounds, the demands of our daily lives can get in the way, and often do. Two coaches summed up the key problems in contemporary life which affect the development of our personal goals:

“Pressure, expectations of what life ‘should be’ distractions, and short term, instant gratification becoming more attractive than the discipline required to achieve long term fulfillment and joy.”

“Finding a person's own unique purpose. People yearn to have a purpose in life.”

Once we develop a list of goals, there are a number of elements suggested that can slow us down and, ultimately, stop us from achieving our personal goals:

“Fear of failing, fear of change, fear of immense success, leaving your nest behind, and challenging the status quo.”

“Your own self, and personal resistances which need to be explored.”

The coaches I questioned agreed there has been a common thread amongst the types of clients they’ve been coaching recently and the key areas they’re looking to fix, with these areas mentioned:

“Work, love and meaning.”

“Single females between 25 and 35 - successful and looking to regain their self esteem, confidence, and emotional independence.”

“Many are seeking an attitude change, where eventually they would like to accomplish goals on their own.”

“They feel they are "stuck" and need help to move ahead.”

If you’re experiencing trouble staying on track and achieving the goals you’ve set, here’s what our surveyed coaches agree you need:

“Accountability, celebration, perspective, change, results.”

“Cooperation, commitment, and maintained focus on the goal.”

Ultimately, there is a degree of personal change involved with the setting of new goals. The life coaches I spoke to agreed that the following elements are essential for personal change:

“The desire to change. Willingness to get out of your comfort zone. Open to something different. Excited to change.”

“Open to trying new behaviors.”

“A decision that if you go on living the way you have, you will not be satisfied with your obituary or eulogy. Realizing that there is more. A calling, a need for spiritual growth.”

The coaches questioned stated that while this process can be difficult, it is achievable and ultimately rewarding. One of the professionals ending the conversation with:

"Personal transformation will lead to people becoming more helpful, grateful and joyful, contributing more to the world."

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