It's Not Just What You Put In, It's What You Take Out

Due to the fact that I lived through a very serious health crisis, I get asked a lot of questions about healing. While I do not have all of the answers, I do have plenty!

One of the messages that I think is critical for people to understand -- and for me to put my voice to -- is this: It isn't necessarily what you put into your body that heals you. It is what you take out. This is a key transitional tool to consider for your healing toolbox.

Often, what you take out of your life is just as important as what you put in its place.

Let's talk veganism for a moment, which is my lifestyle, my diet. It was not veganism per say that aided in healing me. It was the fact that I removed processed junk from my body which gave my body the opportunity to reset, heal and alkalize. If you return to eating processed food and sugar, your chronic health challenge will begin to resurface once again. I have personally experienced this, as I do have a tendency to “slip” via my eating habits. When I do, I am more sluggish, chronic fatigue takes hold, and my body pains emerge. When I return to flooding my body with greens, simple fruits, nuts and seeds AND removing processed garbage, I begin to regain energy again to make it through each day.

My suggestion is not to hone in your focus on the seemingly impossible task to go vegan or eat 100 percent raw food, but rather to focus on what you can slowly take OUT of your daily menu. This is going to allow for healthier options to fill your plate. Go at your own pace, but truly challenge your food addictions -- challenge your habits -- challenge your mind, because it is a mindset where our SAD addictions come from to begin with. Does food heal? Certainly, but I do not believe it heals alone. It cannot aid in the healing process if you continue to add in processed food, sugar, dairy, soy, etc. It simply will not happen.

You can parlay this advice to other areas of your life as well. The more I removed toxicity in my life, the greater my chance was of healing myself. This includes unhealthy relationships, friendships, where you live, what you do for a living, family members, etc. Again, much of healing involves what you take out of your life.

It's a simple and short message for all of you today -- as sometimes the most impactful messages are.

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