How to Raise Your Energetic Blueprint

Written by Lisa Fraley

We hear about blueprints all the time. Blueprints for success, blueprints for happiness - even blueprint cleanses. But, I am most intrigued by energetic blueprints. The idea that we all have an energetic vibrational force surrounding our physical bodies that influences the quality of our lives. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Maybe, but I have come to believe that as human beings we each have our own unique energy field – a blueprint – that we can influence, and even raise, to improve our happiness and life experience.

The whole idea that we put energy out into the world and it is reflected back to us through people and situations with that same energy frequency is quite powerful. The higher our energy frequency, the higher the frequency that is reflected back. Some call this the Law of Attraction. Some call it karma. Some call it energy transmission. Whatever you call it, this energy field is larger than we are, and we help to create it through our emotions, our thoughts and our actions.

It has been long recognized that our emotions create thoughts, and thoughts create actions. But what creates those emotions? I believe that emotions are just waves of energy passing through us. They come, they go, they change, they flow. As energy in motion, they need freedom. They need room to move throughout the body, without being blocked. But letting emotions flow freely is sometimes easier said than done.

I can speak from experience. For years, I was afraid of feeling my emotions because I thought I might get “stuck” in a negative state. I was fearful that if I allowed anger or sadness to surface that I would get lost in them and they would swallow me up. I realize this does not sound rational, but emotions generally aren’t. Emotions are powerful, energetic communication vehicles and if you are a sensitive soul with strong emotions, you tend to feel them deeply. For someone who always valued my logical side above all else, expressing my emotions was not at all appealing to me. In fact, I did many things to keep myself from feeling them - some consciously, some not, from pushing down emotions with sweets, exercising too much, working too hard, hiding in relationships, not getting too close.

Over the years, I realized that I needed to encourage my emotions to emerge. I can’t rush them, and I shouldn’t stop them. Free-flowing emotions are critical to good health. Consciously or not, our good intentions of protecting ourselves from fear can cause depression, anxiety, and stress, leading to various health problems. When you really think about it, the word “disease” is really “dis-ease” - a lack of ease - often caused by squashed, unexpressed emotions in the body. Whenever we operate from suppressed emotions, we tend to emit low frequency energy, and in turn, attract experiences and people who are also suppressed - which creates a whole lot of negative emotion and dis-ease, and not a lot of happiness or uplifting energy.

So here is the key: Expressing our emotions actually raises our energetic blueprint. The more we allow our emotions to flow naturally and not be inhibited by the stress and pressure of compressed feelings, the more we raise our energy frequency and strengthen our energy field.

High frequency energy is easy to see. When we are in the presence of someone whose energy flows freely, they light up the room. We all recognize it.  We are instinctually and strongly attracted to people whose energy is light and bright. We can sense it, and we are powerfully pulled in their direction.

Lucky for us, each of us can raise our energetic blueprint to be that light in the room. We need to clear stagnant energy, remove any blocks, feel our suppressed emotions, and engage with others as our authentic feeling selves. We need to remember that our energy is what drives us and it is what drives people and experiences to us. By creating more ease in the body and emitting the highest energy frequency possible into the world, we are raising our own energetic blueprint. Imagine what would happen if all of us made an effort to do just that.

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