3 Tips to Help You Deal with Change

Written by Colleen Rolland

We all experience change on a daily basis. A change of heart, a change in career, a diet change, a different hairstyle, a change of spouse, the changing of the seasons... you get the idea.

As human beings we can approach change with great fear and trepidation. It throws us into the realm of the unknown and demands action. Ready or not, things are not the same as before.

I, for one, love change! I seek it out. There's something about the unknown that draws me in. There are countless possibilities that can arise from the smallest change. It's an adventure!

Some may say that I enjoy it too much, but I suppose that's another subject altogether.

Change is natural and continuous. You cannot escape it. You can, however, learn to grow and thrive through these evolutionary moments in your life.

1. Embrace Change

Open your heart, smile, breathe deeply, and open your arms (literally, if need be). Trust the path your life is taking you down. You may not have asked for what you were given, but it's what you have. Think of it as a gift. What doesn't grow in nature dies. Grow, evolve, and understand that what you're experiencing is beautiful and completely natural.

2. Practice Self Love

If a friend is going through a rough time, you console them, right? Right! Listen to your own advice. We are fully equipped and perfectly whole beings just as we are. All the answers you'll ever need are inside you. How beautiful is that?! Write yourself love letters. If you need to, write down everything you'd say to someone else in your situation, then do it. Leave it out in the open or write it on a sticky the note and post it to your mirror, somewhere you'll see them everyday. Let them serve as daily affirmations of how strong and capable you are.

3. Be The River

A few years ago, when consoling a friend who was going through a rough patch I asked her: "Why be the dam when you can be the river?" When I find myself resisting or being inflexible, I repeat that question. And it works every time!

Water is constantly changing and moving. It literally goes with the flow! Be the river. If you feel like all the energies in the universe are damming you up, then forge a new path for yourself. You are a force to be reckoned with!

Without change, we wouldn't be the magnificent creatures we are today.

Always love.

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