5 Tips for Overcoming Fear

Imagine horns honking, a radio blasting and a television blaring - all at once. Now try to make a decision. This is what happens when fear enters your mind; it clouds your heart and it drowns out the sound of your own intuition.

We were all born with the ability to live fearlessly, to move forward gracefully and to hear our inner voice - and trust it. But years of heartache and tough lessons often force us to fear first and listen last. But why?

Human beings need to feel safe to survive. It is as simple as that. When we feel vulnerable we attempt to shield ourselves, either by guarding our emotions, watching our words, or standing back and avoiding risks of any kind. In doing so, yes we may feel “safe” but we also suppress our natural desires to learn, love, grow and succeed.

Recently I had a battle with my own fears. I took a huge risk and wrote the story of three pivotal years of my life. Then I took the true leap and I decided to enter a publishing contest. I was ecstatic… then the fear set in. I began to question my own voice, the importance of my story, the quality of my words… everything. I battled the demons that thought first of rejection, rather than success, and criticism, rather than praise.

But then I heard it, “Listen.”

Listen to what? One day I decided to stop and meditate on those feelings and what came up was a true revelation. I heard a calm centered voice say, “You are safe, you are protected and you are living your dreams.” I was blown away. Those thoughts came from my core and they were part of an inner knowing; I just felt it. I breathed in the feeling of safety and felt at ease moving forward.

Fear will wear a mask and it can often sound like your voice. It may tell you that you are not good enough, that you will be rejected, or that you will get hurt. This voice is never soothing, and if you listen closely you will realize that it is also connected to your own ego. Tell yourself that your intuition has taken you this far, safely. Tell yourself that you are surrounded by miracles, each and every day. Tell yourself that fear no longer controls your destiny.

After all, is there anything worse than being afraid of your own dreams?

Five Tips for Overcoming Fear

1. Affirm: I am safe and protected in every situation, each and every day. You can write this on a sticky note and place it on your mirror, or you can just say it out loud several times a day.

2. Affirm some more: I can never fail I can only learn. Recite or write several affirmations throughout the day to help you look at all the aspects of your life in a fresh, positive light.

3. Mind your kidneys: The kidneys are the organ system associated with fear. If you feel you live in a perpetual state of fear you may want to see a holistic practitioner to detox your kidneys. You may need to cleanse from a bacteria or heavy metals. Or perhaps you might need an emotional detox with flower remedies, essential oils or talk therapy. Or you may just need more rest.

4. Make a gratitude list: Write down all of the times you trusted your intuition and you were right - then thank yourself.

5. Go within: Carve out time each day to hear your own voice. You can try meditation, yoga, walking, journaling, or just relaxing in silence.

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