The Triple A's of Success

The definition of success takes on as many forms as there are opinions. Unfortunately, in pursuing the achievements that define our ideas of success, many of us fall short. Along our journeys, we may experience a breakdown and progression is momentarily halted.

We may feel as if we are in need of a rescue, looking to the outside for assistance. However, if we choose to look closely, we realize that all the answers are internal.

There’s a spiritual equivalent of “Triple A” that we can always turn to for help. Exploring the concepts of authenticity, accountability and alignment can help get us back on track. Success is always just three principles away.


When authenticity lacks in thought and action, the amount of success that can be experienced will always be limited. If we think of personal triumph as a reflection of the positive energy that we emit, then to be inauthentic is counterproductive. Thinking one way while acting another is a neutralizing combination. Going against one’s true self is, in fact, paralyzing.

When we begin to doubt the cores of who we are and bend towards a false self, we leave truth behind. A departure from truth will never lead to divine manifestation. Prosperity will remain out of reach.

When we choose to live in authenticity, there is underlying assurance insisting that we are enough. Even in times of challenge, the belief that the true self is worthy will override the discomfort. Authenticity is the practice of allowing your best self to come forth.


Accountability is the seat of personal power. Only when we become accountable for our actions, the consequences of those actions, and the consequences of inaction, do we begin to step into our ability to reach the heights of success.

It is impossible to defer responsibility and excel at the same time. Even when we do not feel directly responsible for something that happens to us, we must always remember that we are in control of how we choose to respond to it.

An absence of accountability leads to stagnation. With this mindset, an individual will always be at the mercy of external circumstances. A victim mentality is restrictive and cannot live in the same space as abundance, where success resides.


Basic maintenance for automobiles requires physical alignment. The process allows for less wear and tear on the tires by adjusting their angulation, and it guides the vehicle to travel in a straight line without “pulling.” Spiritual alignment performs the same function.

When we are aligned with the Divine path, we suffer less emotional wear and tear. Our journey has with definitive direction. We are not pulled off course by neglecting our spiritual vehicle.

Misaligned intentions and action will be met with unnecessary struggle. Success is guaranteed when we recognize our intended places within the Divine plan.

The concept of alignment is perhaps the most important of the three because it ensures the path of least resistance.

The greatest thing about this Triple A rescue is that the only call you have to make is the call within. Whenever it feels as if your journey to success is being stunted, ask yourself these three questions:

1) Am I being authentic?

2) Am I accountable?

3) Am I in alignment?

Honest self-evaluation will point to the blockage. Get you’re A’s in order, and you will find that what remains elusive to many will be yours for the taking. Success awaits.

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