How to Visualize Your Way to Success

Written by Chris Freytag

Author Napoleon Hill once said, “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” If you are fuzzy on what you want to achieve—whether it’s fitness or another goal—you aren’t likely to get there. Being able to crystalize what you want with a clear mental picture can help you obtain it. Visualizing your goals is a key component to achieving them. Follow these tips and soon you will be picturing your way to success.

Write a vision statement so you can get your brain working in the direction of where you want your body to go. When you have goals, you have a destination, but when you can picture your goals, you can achieve them faster. See it to achieve it. Just like companies have mission statements that set goals and direction, you can create a vision statement. You’re the CEO of your life after all—shouldn’t you know where you are headed?

Create your picture. Once you have your vision statement, you can begin to picture it in your mind. Maybe you have an image of you that you love and you want to look like that picture again. Pull out that picture and put it in a place where you can see it every day. You will have a constant visual reminder of your goal and seeing that picture you love will remind you of how good you felt in that picture and those emotions will help motivate you to achieve it again.

Create a wellness vision board. Here’s where you channel your inner artist. Tap into your creativity and make a vision board that appeals to you. You can do it on Pinterest, on a bulletin board, on poster board or in a notebook. If you are using a vision board to get fit, you can attach photos you admire of athletic prowess or photos of you when you were happy with your body. The point is to capture images that inspire you. Find some empowering quotes to add to your pictures. It can look like a fitness collage or have one simple image—whatever appeals to you. Now display your vision board in a place where you will look at it daily and be reminded of your goals and how you want to live.

Support your vision with affirmations. Write out affirmations to support your vision board. Write your affirmations in the present tense and as if you have already achieved your goals. The point is to get you in the mindset—to visualize and feel—where you are headed. For example: I am fit. I love to exercise. I am at my goal weight. I am strong and my endurance increases daily. My flexibility has improved tremendously. Exercise gives me more energy. You get the gist. And you can do this for any goal! Read your list daily.

Goals change as you change. As you reach certain goals, you will set new goals. As you do, refine your vision statement and your vision board. Keep recommitting to the process by shifting your vision accordingly. Make your future happen by picturing it first. Your future view determines the future YOU.

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