7 Essential Romance Tips for Guys

Written by Ryan Judge
7 Essential Romance Tips for Guys

Beyond my passion for health, I enjoy being a bit of a romantic. It's one of those little secrets I only express with the person I truly love. I enjoy the art of romance much in the same way I enjoy my meditations, both require the ability to "not think" and "let go" for the greatest results.

Just as everything is evolving and changing and as real guys are trying out meditation and yoga so are the most evolved among us getting into romance. So for all of the real guys out there I have compiled a few easy tips I share with my clients as part of my Life Health program.

1. First and foremost, be romantic just to be romantic, without expectation. This is the real secret, be romantic for the same reason you enjoy inspiring others, it brings out the best in YOU! Avoid being romantic because it will improve your sex life, trust me it will, but do NOT be romantic for any other reason than to make the life of someone you love better. This is my secret for you!

2. Stop thinking. You cannot "think" romance, the inspiration must originate from the real YOU! Not the ego, the heart. Forget everything you have ever known about what being romantic means to you. Toss out all of the romantic books and empty your mind just like with meditation, and cultivate the artistic creativeness to be a romantic. There are no real "right" or "wrong" in romance, you cannot flub it up if your intentions originate from your heart. If your intentions are pure, even if you flub it up (which you won't), the result will still be perfect, trust me.

3. Romance calms the mind like meditation. We cannot "feel" romantic when we are running 60 mph. We need to slow down our life and mind to "see" the many opportunities to be romantic in the moment, they are there, often simple, the art is to seize them without "thinking," knowing the effort is often more important than the result. Like a simple, random love text during lunch.

4. Keep it a secret. Secrecy is part of the art of romance, keep your efforts secret from your other guy friends. Don't share your thoughts at the bar with your friends. Not all guys "get" the art of romance and for those embracing romance it communicates a message of being comfortable with oneself, real self-confidence originating from the heart, not the ego. No ego, no boasting, just pure action without "thought" like a passing kiss on the back of the neck for no reason or a love note left under the pillow when you leave on a business trip.

5. Allow romance to be like your sex life, without expectations. Romance is an art. Each action, without expectation, without explanation, heightens the love and passion for one another. It has the power to break down walls in a relationship because true romance originates from love, not lust. Allow it to be as expressive and creative as your sex life.

6. Be romantic when things are going well to keep things going well.

7. Romance is life. All guys are romantic, and if you think romance is not manly, well my friends, you are just missing out. Welcome romance into your life, without effort, little surprises here and there and if your partner inquires about your new romantic efforts, respond with a simple wink or kiss. Sometimes saying less says more.

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