8 Benefits of Sleeping with a Water Pillow

Written by Heather Morton

I remember a platonic friend of mine in university owning a waterbed. He was like the guy with a brand new bike but in this case it was a bed! Decked out in blue satin sheets it was the quintessential picture of sleek, sexy and serene. It was also his offering to his latest entourages (aka one-night stands). In the 90’s it was craze (or it seemed so anyway). Holding out as the best thing for your spine it seemed to me noisier rather than the essence of calm. It also reminded me of sleeping on the sea.

Fast forward 20 years and I met up with the water pillow but without the bed. About 10 years ago and before I met my husband, he was thinking of buying a waterbed but decided to start with the pillow. He is still checking it out.

From Form to Feather to Water

Having a good pillow as we all know is essential in avoiding the stiff neck syndrome (same as having a good mattress). Personally I have always had a hard time finding the right pillow. Growing up with feather-filled pillows from my grandparent’s farm in Prince Edward Island they were more natural than foam, but became very flat fast. Without the proper support this type of pillow can be harmful to your neck as well as disruptive to having a good rest.

I recently started using the water pillow after a generous offer from my husband. In the past, I have tried many different brands, styles, forms and including ones for being a side sleeper, a belly sleeper and a back sleeper (since I am all 3). But for the last few months I have been enjoying the water pillow immensely.

Here are 8 Benefits of Sleeping with a Water Pillow:

1) There is no punching or fluffing involved. It maintains its shapes no matter what;

2) Made from water it easily conforms to your head and neck while still supporting you elsewhere;

3) Being filled with water it becomes anchored to where you put it and will not move around;

4) If you tend to move around a lot while sleeping it goes with you and not without you;

5) It is adjustable to the way you want it (firmer or softer) by the amount of water inside;

6) Supports the neck and head reducing stiffness and pain;

7) Lessens interruptions when sleeping because it is not easily moved; and

8) Increases energy and improves skin by having an uninterrupted sleep.

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