10 Things Every Woman Should Know About a Man's Brain

Men are more emotional than women? Really? According to a number of scientific studies, the answer is yes. There are many more surprises in this list compiled by LiveScience. Here's our summary/commentary:

10. More emotional, but only when they are aware of their feelings first.

9. More vulnerable to loneliness. Older men in particular.

8. Focused on solutions.

7. Hard-wired to check out women.

6. Must defend turf. Men are typically more likely to take action when threatened.

5. An unstable hierarchy can cause men considerable anxiety.

4. One-upmanship holds less appeal for older men. Instead, they pay more attention to relationships.

3. Months before becoming a father, the male brain goes through changes likely encouraging paternal behavior.

2. Daddy-playing (e.g. rough-housing, teasing) can help kids become more confident.

1. Men covet wedding bells, too.

Image is Grant Wood's "American Gothic"

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