How to Rewrite Your Story

Do you ever feel like your life is a movie and you’re simply a character with no control? Are you watching your story being played out in front of you? Do you want to live that story anymore?

We can easy feel like we are the characters in a movie we’ve created due to convenience or environmental situations and then convince ourselves and others that story is true. With family, job requirements, financial burdens and then expectations imposed upon us, it can start to seem as though the idea of what we had for ourselves is spinning away.

Wait - Stop! This is my life and I want to change it!

If we aren’t proactive, our lives soon become how much we are willing to deal with and how much we are willing to tolerate. Look at your life and see how your movie is playing out.

  1. Are you stuck? If so, where?
  2. What struggles are you up against?
  3. What problems are you having?
  4. What are your limiting beliefs?
  5. What are you dissatisfied with?

Are you willing to look at your current situation and detect the problems that may be impacting the quality of your life? Maybe it’s time to have a one-on-one with your sweet old self and ask some questions.

  1. How the problems or hurdles in your life affect your own quality of life?
  2. What deep needs of yours are not being met because of this problem?
  3. What would happen if nothing changed?
  4. What are the implications if you stay stuck?
  5. How will it impact yourself and those you love?

Take a big breath in and let it out.

So, is the story true? Even real? Is it holding you captive or can you move through it? If it starts shifting, how will you feel? You’re life is starting to suddenly look different, isn’t it?

Admit it - often what ultimately helps us in the long run is taking control of our fear and not letting it paralyze us. It’s time to put on our big-girl or big-boy pants, let go of the past and move on. There is no need to blame anyone for events that have hurt us or held us back. It’s time to move past other’s expectations of us and move on to our own. It’s time to decide for yourself: what qualifications do you need to be happy rather than drowned by the weight of unhappy jobs, expectations, and lifestyles?

Are you so attached to your movie, whatever it may be, that you can’t inch away? Are you totally losing control of who you really are? Eventually you will be watching a screen and not recognizing the characters at all, feeling empty and helpless. It’s time to unleash the power within and watch that energy transform into action.

Here’s the deal: You need to tackle that fear and indecisiveness head on and hold yourself accountable. It’s time to go deeper into who you are and who you want to be. Are you having trouble with this? I have my entire life. I felt choked and helpless in changing my life’s direction. Until I did.

I was raised in a family stuck in traditionalist views of what I had to do to be a “professional.” If I were going to be “successful” I had to be a doctor or a lawyer. Yep, I got a law degree. My parents controlled every detail of my life from boyfriends to schooling. They actually wrote up the list of colleges I “wanted” to go to and when I crossed one out or added one, they would erase it. I couldn’t stand my life. How can you enjoy anything when you have no control and you feel like you’re simply sitting on the outskirts? NOT FUN.

So I made a change. I leaped over that huge obstacle that felt like a monster in my closet waiting and blocking my every move. I opened the closet door, kicked the monster in the butt in order to get to the other side of my life—the happy side. I took steps to walk away from the professional field that was simply suffocating me and renewed myself. I know many of you who are reading this know that feeling—close your eyes, pause, take a breath, feel, and when you realize who you are—you’re refreshed and alive again.

I walked away with the security of standing on my own so I could watch a movie I wanted to live. It’s all about taking those reins of your seemingly uncontrollable life, shaking them out of someone else’s hands, and directing YOUR movie the way YOU want to. It’s about taking every limiting belief and creating a positive mantra out of it that illuminates your life and shifts your focus. I’m not trying to give you a pep talk. I’m trying to save your life. What is more important than that?

Can you write a new story? What are the steps you need to take to turn back create that awesome being you are? Create the space so you can see it unfold in front of you, rather than in the hands of society and others. What are your intentions? Are you smiling yet? Take a big breath.

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