Why You Should Have More Fun

Consider that every single person we meet, every single job we take, every place we live, every “problem” we encounter is a simple lesson to teach us something new. Essentially, if we don’t get the lesson, we have to retake the course. We could essentially look at life as a big classroom where we take classes in compassion, honesty and forgiveness. When we look at it this way we start to not only take accountability for our own life, but rich fulfilling opportunities can unfold and guide us to the next stage.

I was getting the same lessons over and over because, frankly, I was failing every “class.” No matter what job I took, no matter what guy I dated or what city I lived in, the same “lessons” would prevail. I know this because as soon as I took responsibility for my own life, a shift happened that changed my life for good. By changing my perception of myself and bringing more of a conscious awareness to my emotions, I was able to shift my reality.

Suddenly, bosses were complimenting me and giving me more responsibility. The men who made me feel bad about myself fell out of my life, and I met a beautiful person who not only treated me like a valued, special person but also loved all of my natural beauty.

So, look at your life, and see the lessons that keep coming up. I kept repeating the same patterns and approaching romantic relationships the same way again and again, expecting a different outcome. A change happened when I took accountability for my role in my life and recognized that there is a lesson to learn here.

We have trained ourselves to believe that good things in life are worth fighting for, or good things come to those who wait. Although both of these mantras could be true, I prefer to practice play daily by allowing love and fun to exist at every moment. By taking accountability for our lives and the situations we are in, we can learn to adjust our strained thinking and allow life to flow.

If you think about life as being a whole bunch of lessons, then we are in one giant classroom. It actually becomes kind of fun to see life this way, because we can approach it like a game. Every new challenge brings an opportunity to grow and get to the next level. Think back to when you were in school and how necessary recess was for your wellbeing. We looked forward to the mini breaks, the chances to play outside and live life in a state of play.

In reality, nothing has changed. As humans, we still thrive on recesses and taking breaks from the lessons. Even when we were young, the lessons didn’t stop when we bounced around on the playground or rubbed our hands into the earth. Those were all just more things to study. The beauty of this world is it offers us a chance to play at every moment. Every single situation provides us a chance to see the world with more compassionate eyes and more loving open arms. And, thus, gives us an opportunity to embrace the fun in every lesson. 

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