4 Tips to Live 100+ Years

I recently was fortunate enough to attend a raw vegan potluck in my neighborhood. The wonderful hosts have been continuing this monthly tradition for over 12 years (!) with entertainment, speakers, and an ‘island’ theme to continually embrace and inspire the healthy-minded.

Tonight was no exception. I arrived with my raw vegan chocolate banana cheesecake in tow, warmed by smiles, a positive atmosphere of electrified energy, and to a huge turnout of over one hundred people. An abundance of food, color, and laughs filled the backyard. The one thing that was able to out shine all of this? Bernand LaPollo, a 111-year-young man with a smile that exudes charm and wisdom, while still being entirely present and beyond wise.

So what's Bernand's secret? How can he still walk and stand with no more than a cane, talk animatedly into the night, and enjoy the humor and seriousness of life while being on no medication or having serious health problems? He shared his top 4 secrets for longevity. They are:

1) Eat clean, simple, and raw. He admits to enjoying fish now and then, but his diet is predominately raw, vegan, and unprocessed. He is a strong advocate of ‘eating your green vegetables’ and enjoying your foods.

2) Get enough sleep! Your body repairs damage and rebuilds itself miraculously while you are resting. Want to look and feel your best? Get your ZZZ’s…

3) Live for a higher purpose. He didn’t use these words exactly, but being a very spiritual man, he recognizes a higher force (God, the universe, or anything else). And he knows and respects the power that his love for the creator brings into his life. Seeking to fulfill his divine purpose and to be the best he can be is the third secret to living over a Century.

4) And his final piece of advice? “Stay away from Women – especially good lookin’ ones!" While I think his children prove he was unsuccessful in this, maybe he has a point. The man has been around for a hundred years, maybe he knows what he’s talking about!

In a society where sickness is rampant, we rarely hear about or meet people who are living longer than expected by so many years. Living in a family that has passed down this simple, yet rarely followed lifestyle has allowed Bernand a life of happiness – one where he can be fully present, disease free, and an inspiration for many who are searching for their true path to health.

Choosing to make small changes like adopt a healthier diet and get your 8-hours a night are small steps, but they can make lifelong differences - that will make your life much longer. Who doesn’t want to reach an older age and also be fully aware and appreciative of life every day?

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