How to Shop for Nutrient Dense Foods with ANDI Score

Looking to eat healthier? If you’ve shopped at Whole Foods Market recently, you might have noticed some new signage and information regarding eating healthy called "ANDI" scores, which can help you do just this.

ANDI stands for "Aggregate Nutrient Density Index." An ANDI score shows the nutrient density of a food on a scale from 1 to 1,000 based on nutrient content. ANDI scores are calculated by evaluating an extensive range of micronutrients, including but not limited to: vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidant capacities.

The higher the concentration of these good elements in food per calorie, the higher the ANDI score. For example kale, a dark leafy green, scores 1000, while a sugary soda scores 1.

Look for signage throughout the store like the poster below with helpful guides for foods in each department. Use this TOP 30 list below to find the most nutrient-dense foods throughout the store. For improved health, include as many of these foods in your diet as possible.

  1. Collard, mustard, & turnip greens 1000
  2. Kale 1000
  3. Watercress 1000
  4. Bok choy 824
  5. Spinach 739
  6. Brussels sprouts 672
  7. Swiss chard 670
  8. Arugula 559
  9. Radish 554
  10. Cabbage 481
  11. Bean sprouts 444
  12. Red peppers 420
  13. Romaine lettuce 389
  14. Broccoli 376
  15. Carrot juice 344
  16. Tomatoes & tomato products 190-300
  17. Cauliflower 295
  18. Strawberries 212
  19. Pomegranate juice 193
  20. Blackberries 178
  21. Plums 157
  22. Raspberries 145
  23. Blueberries 130
  24. Papaya 118
  25. Brazil nuts 116
  26. Oranges 109
  27. Tofu 86
  28. Beans (all varieties) 55-70
  29. Seeds: flaxseed, sunflower, sesame 45
  30. Walnuts 29

For more information you can visit Whole Foods Market

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