3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Trying to Be Normal (And Start Being Awesome!)

"Normal is nothing more than a cycle on a washing machine." -Whoopi Goldberg

Normal: something we associate with being liked, average, accepted. Normal is something that we all strive to be at some point, but why?

Normal = average = YIKES!

Here are three reasons why you should stop trying to be normal (and start being awesome!):

1. No one is normal: No one walking this planet is normal, and no one will ever be normal. We are all freaks, so stop trying to fit in to some standard, cause that standard doesn’t exist.

2. You are draining your power: One of the worst things you can tell yourself is that you are average. When you begin to convince yourself that you are average, you start to sell yourself short. You convince yourself, “I can’t do that” or “I don’t deserve that.” Your spirit begins to shrink and you stuff your awesomeness down. Stop sucking the life out of your own spirit!

3. YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY: Don’t be afraid to shine your greatness. We can spend so much time being afraid to be extraordinary because we think we are meant to be ‘normal.’ We live in fear of not being accepted. But, it is so worth being brave to be yourself!

So let’s face it, you aren’t normal (& THANK GOD!)…


Embrace it, embrace your greatness, shed the chains of trying to be normal and just be yourself. Because no one is normal, and no one will ever be normal. Because we are all SPECIAL, UNIQUE, and oh yes, EXTRAORDINARY!!

Shine your true self~

MUCH Love,

Jo Beth

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