6 Ways to Make Someone's Day

Have you ever noticed how good you feel just by making someone else feel good? Maybe that’s the reason we do it. Maybe it’s because you really feel a connection with that stranger, and you know they need a smile to light their way.

Not too long ago, I was in a hurry for no good reason at the grocery store. I was just picking up a few items on my way home, and instead of going to the self-checkout lane like I usually do, something led me to the regular express lane. Nobody else was in line, so I figured I could get out of there quickly.

Not so much. The lady at the register didn’t seem to notice I was there placing my items on the belt. She was counting her personal money in her wallet and organizing it into a neat fashion. I stood there, trying to be patient, looking for my wallet to pay (if she would only get going!). She continued to organize her money while I began thinking I could always take my stuff over to that self-checkout lane, and then she finally put her wallet into her apron’s front pocket. Now we can get moving!

But wait! She got her wallet back out along with some loose bills that were in her apron! What was she doing? She was doing it again! I stood there, still trying to be patient, yet was noticing my jaw beginning to clench when she looked up at me sideways and said, “Ooh, I sure do have a headache!”

Oh. Instantly, I noticed my jaw soften and I looked her in the eyes and said, “I’m so sorry.” And I meant it. She began scanning my items, and the scanner was giving her a hard time, obviously a result of her headache (or Mercury retrograde, I thought). She mumbled something about the scanner and how it was giving her the blues. I could see she was having a hard time getting through her day, and I truly wanted her to feel better.

I paid and gathered my bags. Before I left, I waited until she looked up at me and I said, “I hope you feel better,” and she offered up a big smile and thanked me like I had just bestowed upon her a pain-free day.

Try making someone else’s day by offering a sincere smile, kind words and a radiant heart, even when you might be in a big hurry in the checkout line. It might just make you feel like you have superhuman powers.

Here are six easy ways to make someone’s day:

1. Offer up a smile.

Especially to the sales associate who seems to be taking their hard day out on you.

2. Leave a kind note.

Next time you dine out, leave a note to your server, along with your generous tip, letting her know how you enjoyed her service. Even if the service wasn’t outstanding, leave a note saying that you hope their day goes beautifully. It might just make the rest of their day brighter. You can even add a smiley face at the bottom.

3. Say hello first.

Sometimes people go on autopilot. This is especially true of people who work in the service industry. Say hello first, and offer a big smile right along with it.

4. Tell someone how beautiful they are.

Say it with a smile, and mean it. Because they are.

5. Put change in someone’s parking meter that is about to expire.

Time runs out when we’re unexpectedly delayed. It happens. This will automatically put a smile on your face.

6. Smile.

Did I mention smile?

Your smile has the power to radiate sunshine. Use it often and sincerely, and you’ll notice people smile back at you, bathing you in your own generous warmth.

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