Above or Below the Line: Where Are You Living?

Creating a high vibration, enjoyable and fulfilling life requires a bit more than just getting what you want. This is where the imaginary “line” comes in. Below the line is Blame, Excuses and Denial, and if you do this, you have made yourself a BED and must lie in it. If you are above the line, you practice Ownership, Accountability and Responsibility with which you have an OAR and can steer your own ship to success. But, what does this mean? Let’s break this down Hulse style with a downlow.*

The Downlow:

If you are living your life above the line you are:

Taking Ownership of the results you are getting – this means you made, attracted or chose not to receive whatever success or failure you have experienced.

Being accountable for the actions you take – similar to ownership. You took those actions, so you are the only one to look to when those actions worked (do it again) or didn’t (review and move on).

Accepting your life is your responsibility and no one else’s – there is a reason you are in this world, and it’s a lot bigger than because someone else told you to. Your life is your own, and you have the ability to design it. You are responsible for how it turns out.

The line also has a downside, so let’s explore what below the line looks like:

You blame everyone else for what’s happening in your life – there’s no parking spaces, that person got better service, this is unfair, that never happens to me, I always miss out… it’s all toxic and blame behavior.

You are making excuses about why you haven’t achieved your goals and aren’t meeting deadlines – I can’t do it, I’m too busy, there’s not enough time, I’m not good enough…

You deny you have influence and can change your life and others – I could never do that, I’m not XYZ enough, my XYZ is just the way it is, it’s just not me…

You can see there is a huge margin between living life above the line and enjoying the results you have created which are a passionate life of integrity, or you could live below the line and stay in toxic chaos until the universe brings you bigger signs than this reminder article (wink).

What I want to know is, where do you operate easily above the line and often slip below the line? Let me know in the Comments below.

*Downlow is a rebeccahulse.com term for the definition and details of a concept or idea.

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