15 Romantic Ideas for the Yogi Couple

Wanna keep the romance going in new ways? Or do you wanna deepen your connection in a fun way? Grab your lady or your man and try some of these on for size!

1. Have a private dance party, just you and your honey. I recommend groovin’ to a Motown playlist.

2. Collaborate on a painting.

3. Do (naked) partner yoga.

4. Instead of going out to a restaurant, have a Grab Bag dinner: go to the nearest grocery store or farmer’s market and agree to each pick out one thing you love, one thing you haven’t tried, and another of your choosing—without showing the other person. After you’ve both gathered your items, you can show each other what you’ve gotten and make a meal trying to use all of the ingredients!

5. Massage each other with coconut oil or sesame oil, both of which do wonders for your health and feel oh so yummy!

6. Take a nature walk.

7. Write haikus, each writing alternate lines.

8. If you play instruments or sing, have an improv jam session.

9. Play tag. I’m serious. You’ll be amazed at how fun it can be—and how much of a workout it is!

10. Draw abstract renderings of each other.

11. Volunteer on a farm. Try WWOOFing.

12. Start a two person book club.

13. Make something at home together you’d normally buy at the store: goat cheese or almond milk are simple and satisfying places to start.

14. Learn a language together.

15. Take five minutes whenever you’re both free throughout the day to meditate together.

image via Jasper Johal

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