5 Ways to Transform Negative Self Talk

Written by Claire Charters

Live your life with intent by becoming aware of the words you use in your everyday life. This means learning to be conscience of how you speak to people, how you speak to yourself, what thoughts you let loose in your mind and how you let situations affect you.

Words are the blood of your soul… what you think creates how you feel, and how you feel determines how you act, and how you act ultimately attracts and creates your experiences.

Words are your power, and no matter where you are in your life right now, I can guarantee if you start speaking with more love and positivity, your life will change for the good… you will truly start experiencing miracles.

What you think and speak, you attract. When you speak negative, you attract negativity, and when you speak positively, you attract positivity. How? Everything is energy; energy creates energy, therefore what you create in the form of words, emotions and thoughts, you create in reality. It is the law of attraction; it is your perception. Therefore, it is your reality. Simply choose to try and replace all your negative thoughts and words with positive words and thoughts; it is as simple as that.

A few years ago I tried this test which was from the book, The Have It All Woman, by Susan Sly. Read the following words, and take note on how they feel in your body: anger, jealousy, hate, frustration, fear, shame, stress, sadness, guilt, desperation, failure. So, what happened? Did you notice a familiar feeling? How did it feel in your body? Was your energy a little drained?

Now, read this list slowly, and take note on how you feel: happiness, joy, laughter, peace, love, abundance, smile, gratitude, health, wellness. How do you feel? Do you feel a little lighter and energized? Okay, say the word “good” out loud. Now, say the word “fabulous” with a big smile. What happened?

Imagine if you went about your day thinking and saying words of positivity. You would feel better, you would act better, and you would create more positive opportunities.

Take the time to be aware of how you are negative in your life. Someone who is completely happy and successful in life is aware of their language – they don’t have negative self-talk. They don’t judge or critize others; they release the need of wanting everything yesterday, and they live their life with a trust and knowing that the universe will provide for them. Successful people radiate positive energy.

To become aware of your language takes commitment and hard work – you are reprogramming your mind to no longer function on autopilot and gaining control of your reality. Becoming aware is watching every thought, word and emotion. It can be as simple as picking yourself up for not accepting a compliment. For example, next time someone says to you, “You look fabulous in that dress,” don’t turn around and say something like, “Oh, but I still need to lose five kilos.” Instead, embrace the compliment, smile and say thank-you.

From today forward, be committed to making the change, become aware of your words and thoughts and start co-creating with the universe. Never forget, words are your power. Now, here are five ways that you can start turning those negative words into more positive words. Remember be kind to yourself as you develop and reprogram your new pattern. Over time it will become easier and more natural.

1. Next time Mr. Negativity crowds your head space, decline his invitation and start writing or thinking about positive words. Make your list as long as possible; joy, love, hope, happiness, kindness, forgiveness, openness, light, abundance, inspiration, free-spirit, and feel how your energy shifts. Your perspective can't help but begin to change. The slightest change in your thoughts and words is enough to make a small change in your energy, which will bring you back into awareness and into a more positive perspective. Just keep repeating and writing as many words as you can think of. Feel the energy shift around you.

2. When you feel some negativity come up, choose to own it, but detach from it. To do this, simply view the negative thoughts or emotions from an outside perspective as if you’re just a viewer, a photographer or a movie director. You see the scene, but you’re not part of it. By taking the time to step outside of yourself and view your life and thoughts like a movie, you are reminding your ego that you are not attached to these thoughts – they have no effect on you. Be present and aware of what you are thinking, and get curious. Try to understand why they are there. But, whatever you do, never take part in believing them. Just view them, accept them, and immediately release them. Only ever allow happy and uplifting thoughts to live permanently in your head space.

3. Stop, breathe, and connect. Ask your inner guidance to take away the negative feelings and replace them with positive feelings.

4. Take a journey within. Choose to raise yourself to the level of energy where you are the light you seek, where you are the happiness you desire, where you are the love you feel is missing, where you are the unlimited abundance you crave. By being it, you attract it to you. By condemning its absence, you ensure that condemnation and discord will continue to flow into your life. (Taken from the book, The Power of Intention, by Dr. Wayne Dyer.)

5. When you feel that surge of negativity, think about something that you are grateful for. This will immediately distract your ego, and for a moment, the negative thought will be lost and forgotten.

So, these are only a few strategies of overcoming negative thinking; it’s now your time to share and inspire. What are your thoughts on overcoming negative thoughts?

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