How to Create the Life You Want

When you know what you want, the universe knows what you want. When the universe knows what you want, opportunities appear. So what do you want? What are your values and priorities? To be clear about what you want enables you to prioritize your time effectively. Once you start getting clear about what is important to you, you will start making decisions that support your priority and you will start to see miracles unfold before your very eyes.

Knowing and honoring your personal values is what drives change in your life. Personal values are about what is important to you; it is the essence of who you are... It is your true authenticity. Your values are what guide you throughout your daily decision making, they motivate you and they determine how you choose to live your life. When you act a certain way because you think that is what everybody else wants to see or hear then you are not being true to your own values; this is when you will become drained, unhappy, sick and unfulfilled.

Throughout our lives many of us remain super busy; we never seem to have enough time in a day. If you find yourself stressing out over what you have to do and feeling extremely overwhelmed it is time to re-evaluate your priorities. You need to get clear so that you can focus and start creating miracles in your life by spending time on the things that truly matter.

Take a moment to get clear about what is important to you. Grab some paper and list 10 things that you value in your life.

Some examples of values may include:

Achievement, Advancement, Adventure, Affection, Co-operation, Contentment, Creativity, Charity, Economic Security, Fame, Family Happiness, Freedom, Friendship, Giving, Gratitude, Health, Helpfulness, Inner Harmony, Integrity, Involvement, Loyalty, Meditation, Order, Personal Development, Pleasure, Power, Recognition, Responsibility, Self-Respect, Spirituality, Wealth, Wisdom, Yoga

Once you have written the list look over it and absorb it. Is your list about other people? Where and how do you fit in? Do your daily actions show your values? How would your life change if you made one of these items a priority in your life? What would happen if you based all your decisions solely on that one priority?

If some of the items on the list seem ridiculous, unachievable or selfish, stop right there. The only thing that is important is YOU; learn to trust in the universe. You may not know the answers now or the reasons how and why, but take the time to love, nurture and connect with yourself and you will eventually find clear answers. All the wisdom that you seek, already resides within you, as you.

Many people put everyone else first only to be left feeling exhausted, frustrated, angry and neglected. If this sounds all too familiar, then I urge you to put YOU as your number one priority. Take the time to love and nurture your mind body and soul. Once you are nurtured you can then nurture others, your dreams and every other possibility waiting for you.

Now that you are a little clearer on your values, start writing down goals that you want to achieve. Start working towards those goals. This is the stepping stone to creating the life of your dreams. Get Clear. Plan. And then Create.

When you know your values it adds clarity to your life... You live life with focus as you work towards your own dreams and goals. When you are not clear on what is important to you, you send mixed messages, attracting all sorts of crazy crap, but nothing really substantial. Get clear and start creating the life you want today.

What are some of your priorities? Please share.

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