5 Things You'll NEVER Regret in Life

Who likes regrets? Here are five things you'll never regret in life:

1. The Risks You Take

Every risk taken is an action taken. And, life successes come to those who act, not to those who watch.

You should never regret the risks you take, because every one was a chance taken on something more, something new, something better.

Sometimes the risks don’t work out though, which is why you should never regret…

2. Your Failures

What does failure mean anyway? That something’s not possible at all, or that this attempt just didn’t work out?

Failures don’t exist, really. Every action is a success or a lesson learned. There should never be a failure you regret, or wish you could take back. Because there has never been a failure that has not improved you, or taught you.

Everything you’ve ever achieved has been the result of failure. And it will always be so.

3. Being Yourself

Never apologize for being yourself, so long as being yourself isn’t less than your best self. What others think of you or say about you is irrelevant. All that matters are your ideals, and your ability or inability to live up to them – to be even-tempered and forgiving, to be open and honest, to be confident and strong, and to be always-and-forever your truest and best self.

Sometimes that’s not good enough for some people. Usually it is. But never regret being yourself. There is no one else you can be in life, and no one else you should be.

4. Time Spent on Your Likes or Responsibilities

We don’t have much time. How much you give of your time and company to those who want it is your choice. You cannot be everywhere for everyone. Never feel sorry that some things take priority over others, and that some people take priority over others. It can be no other way.

5. The People You Exclude from Your Life

Your happiness is a thing to be selfish about. Those you break up with, or otherwise no longer see, are not your responsibility. You owe no one else their happiness at the expense of your own.

Feelings of “loyalty” or routine only hurt your Self, especially when those you’re attached to only hurt You.

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