Stop, Look & Listen: 10 Seconds to Unlock Life's Treasures

I was taught in childhood when crossing the road: Stop, Look, and Listen. And it works in life, too.

Here are tips that you can do in ten seconds to engage creativity, immune system support, efficiency, and the key to happiness. In each moment, you can unlock the treasure all around you.


“Busy” and “multi-tasking” are good only for a short amount of time. When you remember to stop, breathe in, lift your chin and gaze, and on the exhale do something I recently learned in a Pilates class: try to touch your belly button to your spine and squeeze your buttocks. This puts you right, smack in the middle of the moment and raises your own frequency to align with the goodness around you. (This little move also supports your core energy, takes the pressure off your lower back and aligns the energy flow from foot to brain, connecting you right to the earth’s support.)


Up: It increases your ability to be inspired, shifts your hormones and allows you to stop wearing your shoulders as earrings.

In front of you: Re-view it to find the beauty in whatever is in front of you. Or, put something beautiful in front of you till you smile. You can also do a 30 second clean up that will put you back in control, stack some papers, clear the desk, wipe the counter.

Around you: We live in more than three dimensions, yet not many of us are aware of the spherical stage we walk through. What is above, below, behind, to either side? Becoming aware that all this is influencing you, you might want to make a shift from underneath a heavy beam, move your chair to a “powerful” positioning where you can have your back protected and see the entire room and door, or take down any artwork that isn’t aligned with your goals. (For instance, if you want to stay married and have a print of one solo person on a beach hanging above your bed, that's sending a message to your subconscious almost like an internet order — you'll get what you see around you.) Is there something in your space that deeee-lights you? If not, put something in front of you that is happy… do a web image search for smiling children… in 15 seconds you’ll be smiling too.


With your ears: What sounds do you hear? Listen for sounds of nature or happy music to engage the part of you that is creative. Get your own happy radio without the ads that can make you think you need everything they offer. I use radio. There’s a free version and a paid version ($3/month), and both allow you to create your own radio station and be the DJ (it’s not hard).

With your eyes: Similar to looking, this is more like seeing. Listening with your eyes is actually like massaging the object of your gaze with your eyes. See the beauty in front of you. Develop a happy “zoom in” that brings focus to the beauty right in front of you. (We often see what’s wrong, but if you focus on what’s right, it grows, right before your eyes.)

With your heart: This one is your “Internal Guidance System.” Different than emotions or feelings, listening with your heart might be weird and scary at first; it might even hurt a bit. Be prepared to be honest with the feedback you get, even though you may want other answers. Listening with your heart will always give you an accurate picture when you let your mind take a mini-vacation.

A conversation is ongoing between you and your environment—it’s creating your life. Take a moment to breathe in the good, and seed the spaces around you with things that bring you bliss—or at least a little smile.

A few more things you can do to begin to dance the energy dance in your spaces:

  • Ask for guidance (just ask in a soft quiet mind—pay attention to what you think next)
  • Be prepared for the illogical
  • Become a 3-D perceiver
  • Lighten up—laugh
  • Write it down—this helps make it real
  • Place your hand on your heart, and feel/listen
  • Energy up or energy down? When you think of something, which is it?
  • Use your brain AND your intuition
  • Give yourself permission…
  • Keep it to yourself—having ‘Silent Power’ builds your own sacred space
  • Refine your vibration—clean water, fresh food made with love, organized spaces bring energy up
  • Take care of you—when you are cared for by yourself, you build your power base

Noble Questions

Your subconscious takes you literally. Like your personal butler, ask a question, and it brings you the answer without editing. Take control, and give it good things to look for…

Instead of questions like “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why am I so [stupid, fat, always blah, blah, blah...]?” SHIFT into, ”How can this be a good thing?” Or, “How can I find more peace in this situation?” Or, “Is there something funny here?”

One of my most amazing teachers, Denise Linn, explains that you can make your mind work for you by giving it a positive and helpful question to answer… it’s working 24/7/365 to answer your questions anyway. So give it a positive task, and it will fulfill that.

Try these questions, and watch how your days and life change:

  • How can I live an even happier day?
  • What is the most loving thing I could say right now?
  • What is the best road to take to ___?
  • I wonder where the best ___ (you name it)!

Make it fun. You'll have a lot more to draw from and a lot more to offer, yourself and others!

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