6 Ways to Get Unstuck

Written by Jennifer Pastiloff

What do you do when you feel stuck? You know, when you feel like you are plastered to a wall? Or like you’ve been doing the same thing over and over. I will tell you what I do.

What? You don't think I get stuck ever? (Hold on while I LOL.)

Sometimes I get so stuck that I feel as if I have taught the same yoga class 678 times. At least. Sometimes I feel so stuck that it seems my car could drive itself; it doesn't even need me, because it's been to the same places so many times. Sometimes I feel as if I have made the same mistakes over and over that I must be insane; because only crazies keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results, right?

Sometimes my thoughts feel very very stuck. Like glue. Like gum on a shoe. There are many days (fewer and farther between lately) where I feel stuck. Where I feel down. Where I feel blue. Uninspired. Bored. Lazy. The gamut.

I did a scientific experiment that involved a lot of stuff, and here is what I found works best to get me unstuck and back to my Manifesting Self.

1. Laugh. I watch shows that makes me laugh (hint hint: Modern Family). I hang out with funny people. I play with babies. I read funny books. I make dumb jokes. I sing out loud. When I laugh, I feel the most "me," and it is from that space that I can move forward and get unstuck. From that place, I can create. From that place, I can take myself less seriously.

2. Hang out with people who inspire you. Are you surrounding yourself with these people? And, if you aren’t hanging with them yet, I suggest you make a date. It's kind of a no-brainer, but when you hang with people that excite and inspire you, it rubs off on you. It's like they become a human rope that gets thrown down the rabbit hole to pull you out.

3. Make vision boards. They don't even have to be proper vision boards (is there even such a thing?). Just something where you are visualizing your desires and dreams and the things you want to manifest into your life. Visualization is key! Can you visualize yourself being unstuck?

4. Take a class. This weekend I am taking a class purely by chance. My friend offered me a ticket to a wine and cheese class. It had my name all over it. It made me realize how much I love learning. Keep learning and studying always. Forever.

5. Do yoga. Or something. Anything! I am a yoga teacher, so yes, I do the yoga. But do whatever. Hike! Walk on the beach! Get connected to nature. Go watch the sun set or rise. Something that gives you a connection to something outside of yourself. Get your blood pumping and your adrenaline going. I notice I get majorly depressed when I am stagnant too long, and yet the longer I am stagnant, the harder it is to get motivated. Catch 22? Why, yes! But most of life is. (Get used to it.)

6. Do things that make you feel good. To quote my own poem, "How To Make A Life":

Let your joy be contagious and spread through

Your home, your job, your children.

Let it spread through the world

Like a virus so that when you forget it,

Every so often, you’ll catch it from someone else.

Whatever brings you joy, do it; be it taking a bubble bath, curling in bed with a good book, cracking open a nice bottle of Cab, buying a nice smelling candle, painting, calling your friends in New Jersey, playing with your toddler, yoga. Whatever it is, just do it.

(I want to coin that phrase "Just Do It," but I swear I have heard it somewhere before?)

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