5 Life Lessons From Olympians

Written by Jo Beth Richards

The Olympics have come, and soon they will be gone. And although the sweat, joy, and body glitter (thank you gymnastics!) may fade, the glory will last for months. Let’s take some lessons from these inspiring champions on how we can all be a little more GOLDEN…

1. Take challenge in stride: One thing that all these athletes know how to do is pick themselves up when they fall. Next time life knocks you down, don’t just lay in a puddle - get up and meet challenge head on, you are stronger than you think you are.

2. Never give up: Everyone fails at some point in their lives; the challenge is to not see these missteps as failures but rather as opportunities to grow. If we never try to fly, we will never soar.

3. Be assured in who you are: Each Olympian knows their own strengths and weaknesses. They are assured in their capabilities, as we all should be! You may not be able to run a sprint in 9 seconds, but you have wonderful capabilities. Believe in who you are.

4. Don’t be afraid: Billions of people were watching the Summer Games from all around the world (imagine the pressure!), but these champions didn’t pay attention, they weren’t afraid. When we give into fear we paralyze ourselves. Never be afraid to try, the worst that can happen is that you misstep, but at least you tried and that is GOLDEN!

5. Know you are a champion: Not all of us will participate in the Olympics, or be the best in our chosen career field but we are ALL champions. Each smile, kind word, and hug you give makes you a champion to someone you know. Embrace your inner champion, be confident in your own shining spirit, and step forward into the world with the knowledge that you are wonderful!

Shine on GOLDEN champions!

MUCH Love,

Jo Beth

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