Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP Interview with Jamie Oliver

We're big fans of Jamie Oliver, so it was great to read his interview with Gwyneth Paltrow in this morning's GOOP newsletter. Jamie talks about processed foods, being a parent, and even replacing school vending machines.

Jamie on processed foods:

"Well, I think it’s pretty simple really: forty years ago we ate mostly fresh, local food, and we knew where that food was coming from. But then fast and heavily processed foods crept in and totally changed our palettes and food businesses. And ultimately, this food is killing us. Obesity and weight gain are the most obvious symptoms, but the problem I have in telling this story is that there are also loads of skinny people suffering because the garbage they are eating is affecting them in a different, but equally dramatic way."

On being a parent:

"As a parent, now is the time to be paranoid and have an opinion. Everyone may say “It’s all good,” but if you go into most school freezers and look on the boxes you’ll see it’s not all good. Talk to other parents about what’s going on with the lunches at school because if we put the effort in now we’ll be able to sort things out. Milk isn’t even safe! The majority of milk drinks consumed in American schools have as much sugar in them as a can of fizzy pop! Just remember, when it comes to your kids you have every right to know about what they’re being fed."

On replacing school vending machines:

"This is a really interesting one because psychologically it’s good for us to have treats in life. And actually, I think having a well-run tuck shop or vending machine that stocks a variety of better-quality treats can be OK. The problem we have is that treats are taking over and a lot of companies are using cheaper sugar, cheaper chocolate, and other stuff that’s making them even worse for us...The fact is kids are still going to buy that stuff on their way home from school, so it’s not as simple as ripping out all the chocolate and replacing it with muesli bars."

You can read the entire interview at GOOP here.

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