3 Ways to Find Your Inner Child

Written by Jia Ni Teo
3 Ways to Find Your Inner Child

Image by Jovo Jovanovic / Stocksy

The inner child is that part of you who wants to play; who wants to dance and rock out to the music; who wants to lie in the sun and just be.

The inner child wants to explore the unexplored, and venture into the unventured.

Nourish your inner child. Laugh, play, sleep, eat, meditate, repeat.

There is no reason why we should stray from our child-like state, and there is no reason we should disconnect from our inner child.

Our inner child is a timeless being who will continually reside within us until the end of time. Its voice may have been muffled or unheard, drowned out by the hussle & bussle in our environment and the external noise that is placed upon us.

Your inner child is calling out to you.

Reconnect with your inner child – your brilliance, that part of you who knows that you have a greatness beyond words.

Here are three ways to reconnect with your inner child:

1. Look into Your Eyes

Look into the mirror, into your eyes, and talk to yourself. Use affirmations. Look closely into your eyes. Don’t be surprised when you see a spark twinkling back at you, for that is your soul. Afterall, your eyes are the windows to your soul.

2. Express Yourself Freely

The inner child never suppresses or bottles up feelings. When it loves, it gives all the love it has, for there is more where that came from. When something beautiful touches your heart, feel free to ball your eyes out with tears of joy. When you discover something amazing – dance, shout, celebrate, and share it with the world without a second thought.

That is how your Inner Child operates – it knows no boundaries, holds no expectations, and loves unconditionally.

3. Honor Your Inner Child

Although your Inner Child is called a “child,” it is far beyond that. Its wisdom is beyond our understanding. It knows what you have yet to know. It doesn’t worry about what is out of your control, so just let go. Love, respect, and honor your inner child. Allow time for play – in whatever form that pleases you, be it yoga, travel, writing, dancing, meditating...

Remember: We do not stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

Right now, your inner child is calling out to you. So go – go and play, and nourish that part of you, as you would your child.

Please remember to share this with your loved ones, to remind them to never stop playing. When we never stop playing, we remain in a world that is happy, carefree, and laughter-filled.

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