What's the Surprising Thing That Could be Packing on the Pounds?

Hint: It's not eating delicious cake (like this one), overeating, lack of exercise, or the ups and downs of life events such as breakups, marriage, or pregnancy. Give up?

Job stress!

According to a new study conducted at a company in New York indicated that job stress is associated with a bigger waistline.

Workers with higher job stress were fatter than employees with less stressful positions. The stressed employees had a body mass index (BMI) that was about one unit heavier on average than that of their relaxed co-workers...The results showed no association between short-term stress and weight, but chronic stress was a different story. Workers with more responsibilities and less control had BMIs one point higher than their co-workers with low responsibility and high control, even after adjustments for known obesity risk factors like age, race and income.

You can read the entire article at Live Science here.

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