5 Tips for Creating the Life of Your Dreams

Written by Allen Jordan

Like many people, I struggled through my earlier years in life. I had never heard of the law of attraction, I had no idea what a huge impact my thoughts had with regards to creating my future, and I certainly had no idea that I had the power to create my dreams and my destiny. But now, I do know all these things; I have experienced all of this and more in my own life.

Below are five of my top tips for creating the life of your dreams:

1. Where are you, and who are you?

The first step in figuring out how to get to where you wish to be in life – physically, emotionally and spiritually – is to reflect on where you are now. Have you ever noticed how maps in shopping centers and theme parks have a “YOU ARE HERE” arrow? Even Google Maps needs to know where you are in order to determine how to get to where you wish to go. It is no different when it comes to your dreams – you need to know where you are starting from to know which direction to go.

Your job, your finances, your fitness, your friends – these are all things that reflect where you are, but they are not who you are. Your environment will help you identify who you currently believe you are though, and will help you determine what you wish to change internally and externally. So, who do you feel you are, now? Are you passionate about life? Are you caring, loving and helpful to others on your path? Are you someone who spreads joy to your friends, waiters, taxi drivers and sales assistants? Do you help old ladies cross the road without a second thought? Are you confident or shy? Are you joyful or angry? What are you good at? What do you like doing and what do you dislike? Are you doing what you like doing, and are you working in a job or industry aligned with your morals and dreams?

Once you determine where you are and who you are, you can determine who you wish to be and which personality traits will help you fly, and which ones weigh you down. You can begin releasing the heavy baggage from your past that is weighing you down and begin lifting off the ground toward your dreams. Now you know who you are; your internal map has a starting point for the amazing journey you are embarking on.

2. Choose the Option That Best Describes Who You Wish To Be

Approach every fork in the road with the same question: Which decision best describes who I wish to be?

Use this question in all situations in order to clarify what you really want without fear getting in the way; this is especially important when it comes to major decisions such as moving to a new city or starting a new business. However, small decisions should also be considered in the same way, because in every moment in our day-to-day life we are making decisions that are shaping our future. Thus, it is important to make choices that are aligned with who we wish to be. This is why it is life-enhancing to choose what best describes who you wish to be with regards to how you treat your waitress, taxi driver, sister, etc. These seemingly meaningless decisions create a future in which you are in loving situations or fearful situations. The choice is yours.

Again, when it comes to your greater dreams, if you feel fear trying to creep its way into the decision making process, the only choice that matters is the option that best describes who you wish to be.

3. Contemplate Yourself in the Conditions You Wish to Produce

The Universe provides a physical experiential match to the vibrations of your thoughts and feelings. By imagining and feeling yourself in the conditions you wish to produce, you are telling the Universe: “I feel like this because I am here, with this person, holding this thing…” When you tell the Universe that this is how it is through your imagination, the Universe always responds with a “Yes,” and makes your statement your physical and emotional reality.

Be sure to generate the feelings that you would experience upon the obtainment of your dreams. When your thoughts are backed by emotion, your intent couldn’t be clearer to yourself and the Universe.

4. Show Gratitude for What You Like

It is through gratitude that we receive what we want in life, and it is through resistance that we receive what we don’t want.

By acknowledging and being grateful for the conditions in your life you like or LOVE and want to experience more of, you will surely reproduce those situations in your future. On the flip side of the coin, what we resist, persists. In the areas of your life that you wish to change, don’t resist them or even acknowledge how much you dislike them. Your attention on those things, even if it is negative attention, will recreate those situations in your future.

When you heavily focus on what you do like, the other things will become less and less and eventually disappear.

5. The Quickest Way to Achieve Your Goal Is to Help Someone Else Achieve Theirs

It is a universal law that what we give, we receive. By helping others to achieve what we desire, the Universe creates a vibrational match in your own life. Even if your goal is very specific and you couldn’t possibly find someone who desires the same thing as you, by helping others achieve their personal goals – whatever they may be – it will have the same effect. In return, people and circumstances will appear in your life to assist you with achieving your goals without you having to go and search for them. We call this “living in flow.”

What other methods do you use in your life to achieve your dreams?

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