3 Ways to Connect to Your Inner Beauty

Written by Michelle Alva

You can look for it outside yourself, but you will never find it. Inner beauty comes from within. It is a state of experiencing the wholeness of your human being in harmony and balance in the present moment. We experience our inner beauty when we are aligned with our life’s purpose, our true heart’s desire and with our whole Self. When we live disconnected to our body or emotions, we feel weaker and are not able to glow the way a person does when they are integrated and connected.

Individuals attuned to their inner beauty exude a vibrant presence that feels uplifting and energizing. These people give 100 percent of themselves to every situation and are filled with passion and excitement, an exuberance for life that turns the mundane into magnificence. Their inner state brings forth a sense of pleasure and contentment in others.

Journey inwards to re-experience again and again the inherent beauty and natural state of your human being with these three simple exercises:

1. Connect to Your Inspiration.

Close your eyes, and notice the breath that inspires you. Inhale through the nose in a comfortable position where you may feel very relaxed. Allow yourself to witness the sensations of your breath without judgment. Become aware of how your inhalation makes you feel. How do deep and slow breaths make you feel on the inside? When we make time to experience the sensations of peace and expansiveness through noticing our breath, our self-perception becomes more radiant and beautiful.

2. Acknowledge Yourself

Notice qualities within yourself that help you to find meaning, pleasure and satisfaction. What ignites your passion? What is your true heart’s desire? To enhance your inner beauty, allow yourself to feel love, joy, gratitude and compassion for your being.

3. Tune in to NOW. 

A person who is present becomes a gift to all those around them. When we are available emotionally and mentally without any hidden agenda, people can feel that authenticity, and it’s very attractive. A person who holds a space for you to simply be yourself is beautiful.

Observe your inner state in the present moment. How do your body, mind, emotions and soul feel? How do these different aspects of your being feel in relation to one another? Do you feel connected or scattered? Many times we feel disconnected when our thoughts are in the past or in the future. If we are filled with resentment or anxiety, it is difficult to be in the present moment and experience our innate joy and peace. Let go of the past and of the future. Have an intention and goals for your life, but don’t allow them to take you away from experiencing the beauty of living in the present moment.

Pausing to feel, breathe and observe ourselves brings us closer to experiencing the inner beauty that is our natural state of being; we just need to remind ourselves to look within.

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