5 Healthy Foods That Keep You Fuller Longer

Written by Jovanka Ciares

If you’ve ever been on a diet, you know the awful feelings of deprivation and hunger that come over you as you cut back on the amount of foods you eat each day. Feeling this way for too many days in a row can almost guarantee that you will give up on your efforts, and stop dieting altogether. Even worse, it may cause you to fall into emotional binge eating and end up gaining more weight. So, the key to any successful weight loss effort is to cut calories by consuming foods that curb hunger and keep you satisfied. And if those foods are highly nutritious and delicious, you can almost guarantee a successful outcome.

Protein and fiber are the best types of nutrients to help you feel full and keep you eliminating regularly. Elimination is key, as constipation leads to excess of toxins, which your body wraps in fat molecules, making it a lot harder to lose the weight.

Most of us assume that the best protein comes from animal sources, like chicken, fish and some lean meats. However, this type of protein is also accompanied by fat (all animal protein contains saturated fat) and cholesterol, which have both been directly linked to an increase in heart disease, cancer and some auto-immune disorders. Lucky for us, there are plenty of food choices that are high in protein, high in fiber and packed with nutrients, making them perfect foods when it comes to losing weight without feeling hungry.

1. Chia Seeds

These ancient seeds are a godsend for those people trying to eat nutritious foods that suppress their appetite. The seeds expand and become like a gel as they get in contact with water in your stomach, making you feel full for hours. They are a source of complete protein and contain omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and fiber. You can add them to almost everything, from smoothies and cereals to salads and other grain dishes, because they have little taste of their own.

2. Vegetable Soups

Water is one of the best appetite suppressors there is. Have a glass of water when you’re hungry, and the hunger will go away for awhile. Soups can help you control or suppress your appetite even longer and provide a wonderful opportunity to add nutritious ingredients like whole grains and vegetables to your daily routine. Studies have shown that people who consume two portions of low-calorie soup every day lose up to 50 percent more weight than those who consume the same calories through other means.

3. Whole Grain Oats

Whole grain oats are very high in fiber and very low on the glycemic index, which means that they take longer to digest, helping you feel fuller, longer. It is important to note here that the oats must be consumed in their whole grain form (not the sugary, instant formula available in supermarket isles), and without all the added stuff that could turn it into a sugary snack instead of a healthy meal (milk, sugar, etc.). Dress it up with cinnamon, walnuts or pine nuts, which can help curb your appetite even further.

4. Quinoa

Another ancient American grain, Quinoa was a staple in the diet of the native peoples of Central and South America. Quinoa is considered a complete protein (i.e. includes all essential amino-acids), it’s a great source of fiber, calcium and other nutrients, and it is very easy to digest.

5. Apples

This fruit is relatively low in sugar, and it will make you feel full for a long time. Apples are great at suppressing your appetite, because they contain a lot of a bulky type of fiber. This fiber has the ability to expand in your stomach, making you feel full and turning off your appetite longer than other fruits, and far longer than other processed snacks!

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