Core Strength and Jumping Back From Bakasana

Written by Kino MacGregor

Arm balances are a test of mental, physical and emotional endurance. Bakasana or Crow Posture provides an endless road to strength. Once you can balance in the posture then you can learn to jump back from it. Once you learn to jump back from Bakasana you can learn to jump into it. Once you learn to jump into posture you can learn how to lift up into handstand from it. Then there are Bakasana variations such as Eka Pada Bakasana A and B which are two of the hardest arm balances from the Ashtanga Yoga Third Series.

When you begin working on jumping back from Bakasana remember to use the core of the body to control the movement. Don't just push with your arms and pray for your pelvis to lift. Use your torso to lift your torso, engage the chest, strengthen the shoulders, round your back to flex the spine, draw the ribs in, suck in the belly and activate the pelvic floor. If you are unfamiliar with how to activate the core in Bakasana practice that on its own to build the muscles memory and then apply the same technique when jumping back from Bakasana in your daily practice.

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