Relieve Anxiety Using the Power of Your Mind

Written by Jamila Gorman

Do you wake up to an alarm or by the light of the rising sun? Do you have deadlines at work? Is everything urgent and due yesterday? Does the nightly news stress you out, causing you to worry about your future? Do you have so much on your plate you don’t have time to do it all, let alone relax? Are you frazzled by all of the things in your life you can't control? And do you suffer from anxiety because of this?

Life is enough to make most people anxious! Unfortunately, many turn to prescription pills to manage their anxiety, and then end up taking even more medication to deal with the side effects! No matter what method is used to make you less anxious, unless you remove the cause of the anxiety, the anxiety remains. It hasn’t gone away, it’s only been temporarily masked.


Letting go of anxiety is a twofold process: first, you must be able to relax and calm yourself - on the spot, in any situation, while the anxiety or panic is welling up within you and before it reaches critical mass and you're in a full-blown anxiety attack. The second component to living anxiety-free is the ability to control your thoughts and emotions.

To achieve this relaxation and self-mastery, you must be at the alpha brainwave level. Getting into alpha automatically calms and relaxes you. Before you do anything, you must get control of your emotional state by getting into the alpha state. Then, you can engage the whole brain to work through the situation.

The ability to think in a whole-brain way is important for relieving your anxiety. Normally, we operate in the beta brainwave state when we're awake. This is characterized by alertness, logic, and "what is" according to the physical senses. For most adults, it's a left-brain way of perceiving and processing the world.

In alpha, you can look at your problems from a different perspective, which means integrating the right-brain (creative, non-judgmental, not ruled by sensory perception). You can't do this effectively in beta because of the automatic stress response that happens when "what is" causes the brain to process the situation based on information received by the physical senses. Only whole-brain thinking, in alpha, lets you relax enough to think about the situation from a different perspective, and use your intuitive guidance to help out. And you may suddenly find solutions that were outside your normal way of thinking. Or, the problem suddenly doesn’t seem so monumental.

Let’s look at this typical scenario: you’re exposed to an unpleasant situation, or you just think about it and the same emotions of pain and fear automatically arise. Your brain goes into red alert and the “fight or flight” response kicks in. Your heart races, your muscles contract, you become alert, tense and jumpy. The more you think about the situation, the more agitated and anxious you become - sometimes until you’re in a full-blown panic attack. Does that sound familiar?

Now, imagine yourself once you’ve learned to calm yourself immediately and to control your thoughts and emotions. The same situation pops up, or you find yourself thinking about it. But instead of allowing negative thoughts to elicit strong negative emotions that send you into an anxiety attack, you derail those thoughts and immediately return to a calm and centered state of being.

This is not denial. The situation still exists. You still have to deal with it. But... your perception of it, and your response to it, are two things you can control.

You may not be aware that you can consciously change the way you respond to a situation. But it’s true! Once you have control of your thoughts, the rest follows. You won’t react to a situation with automatic, negative emotions. Instead, you respond with calm control, and you remain in full control of yourself and your experience and make much better decisions from this calm state of mind.

By developing the ability to enter alpha any time, in any situation - as well as when you just want to do some personal growth work on yourself - you’ll develop the mastery to fully control your response to situations that used to paralyze you with anxiety. Think about what this will do for your peace of mind, your health, relationships, your career. What will your outlook on life be, if you jumped off the anxiety bus?

You can’t control things that happen to you, but you can control your reactions. You can choose to remain calm, instead of allowing yourself to become anxious. You aren’t in denial - the situation still exists and you still have to deal with it - but you’ll do so from a confident, peaceful state of mind.

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